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BattlBox TikTok Organic August in Review

BattlBox TikTok Organic August in Review

by john roman

2 years ago

Brandon, Walter, Curtis, and I were on a call earlier today discussing some future content and we began to discuss TikTok.  We ended up going through Google Analytics and comparing the traffic spikes to the video posts to gain some learnings.  Our initial hypothesis of what videos caused the biggest spikes, proportionately, was not entirely accurate.  Let’s dig into some data!  For context, we were reviewing the month of August.

Looking solely at TikTok data first, we had 3 videos get over 100k views.

Masculinity - 106,500 views

Love at First Sight - 104,600 views

Mask Mandate - 1,900,000 views

‘Mask Mandate’ was the most viewed video for us out of our August content by a landslide.

Out of the 3 above TikTok videos, it was the only one showcasing a specific product we sell.

Given the large view count, it could be quickly assumed that our biggest website traffic spike from organic TikTok would be from this video.  Well, let’s dig into our traffic!

BattlBox TikTok Google Analytics
For larger image:

Our 3 largest traffic spikes were:

August 9th - 1,837 users from TikTok

August 21st - 999 users from TikTok

August 13th - 894 users from TikTok

So August 9th was the ‘Mask Mandate’ post, not a surprise.  Doing quick math, roughly a tenth of a percent (0.1%) of the viewers went to our website after watching the video.  Not great by any means, but still almost 1837 users on our site!  Let’s look at the next date.

August 21st was when ‘Masculinity’ picked up steam (the day after posting it).  Almost 1,000 users with a little over 100,000 views.  Roughly 1%, which means it converted people to the site at about a 10x better rate than ‘Mask Mandate’.  This is very interesting because ‘Masculinity’ was not focused on a specific product.  It did feature Brandon opening up a BattlBox but the focus was a trending audio snippet.

August 13th was ‘Forehead Strips’.  Yep, this was not expected.  ‘Forehead Strips’ - was a product showcase but it only had 13,800 views.  Yet, more than 6% of the viewers ended up going to our website.  This video converted viewers to our site at a 6x greater rate than ‘Masculinity’ and a 60x greater rate than ‘Mask Mandate’. 

Out of curiosity, we looked at the web traffic generated from ‘Love at First Sight’ and it brought us 578 visits.  About half a percent of the viewers ended up going to our site.  Not horrible considering the video technically had nothing to do with anything we offer/sell.

The purpose of this exercise (and the many we do like this) is simply to better understand TikTok user behavior so that we can adjust our content planning to be more efficient.  At the end of the day, while some of the other videos might have outperformed ‘Mask Mandate’ in a ‘view to site’ conversion rate, it still generated significantly more traffic than any other single video.  It also increased our follower count more than any other video in August.  


Mask Mandate BattlBox TikTok Google AnalyticsFor larger image:

When you drill down on the 1,837 users that came to our site from ‘Mask Mandate’, you can see that they are engaged users.  While only 7 bought a product, getting stuck on that number is very short-sided.  The exciting metrics in my opinion are that these users, on average, went to 4.72 pages and spent 2 minutes and 20 seconds on our site.  Many of these users have now entered our funnel via a cookie/pixel or email opt-in.  

Our short-term goals with TikTok are quite simple.  We want to increase our follower count and get users to our website.  By increasing our follower count, we will generate views easier, which leads to the other goal of more users on our website.  More users on the website mean more customers over time.  Math!



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  • 1% click through is about what I have seen running similar campaigns as well, interested in what you guys are doing to retain customers after those spikes. I’ve been doing a lot with creating direct retargeting campaigns for those audiences via paid media & email

    Dan Staub on

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