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Are we TikTok Famous yet?

Are we TikTok Famous yet?

by john roman

3 years ago

Back in early 2020 I registered about a dozen TikTok handles, every brand I was involved with at the time.  Then I did nothing at all with them.  I saw the trend of TikTok growth and did not want to lose out on having the proper handle for one of our brands.  A few times in 2020, we discussed launching the TikTok channel for some brands, but it was always put on the back burner, especially after the app became the target of politics and its future was in jeopardy.

In the beginning of February we decided to finally launch TikTok for both BattlBox and Carnivore Club.  We knew Carnivore Club was going to be a challenge given it’s lack of a personality and strong content.  We knew that BattlBox would likely see more success.  Brandon, Walter, and I began discussing planning and execution.

Going to dissect our journey with BattlBox so far since it’s seen the most success.

We launched our first TikTok video on February 3rd, a duet.  We saw several thousand views, wow, this is going to be pretty easy.  Over the next few videos we quickly realized that was not the case.  Struggling to get over a hundred views.

On February 5th, Brandon had the idea to repurpose a video of Steve getting hit in the balls.  Yahtzee! Over the next several hours, going into the following day, we saw over 200k views and gained a few thousand followers.  It also caused users to start watching our previous videos, as we saw all of them 10x in views and engagement.  Here is the data from that video.  This data is from today (has 270k views now, more on that shortly).  What a great feeling!  Brandon, Walter, and I were glued to our TikTok account, constantly refreshing the page to see the new metrics.

Steve's poor balls

We attempted to recreate this success over the next few videos and could not get anywhere near the ball fiasco.  The view counts were much higher than when we started since we now had a few thousand followers, but we were not able to get more than a few thousand views.

As we were coming up with content, Walter had the idea of taking our monthly unboxing videos and repurposing portions into small digestible videos discussing a specific product each time.  We launched the first one 3 days ago, showcasing the GTFO Bracelet. BOOM!  

GTFO Wrist Strap

As you can see from the data, we have had over 850k views, 164k likes, and almost 10k shares.  This video, like the ball fiasco video, caused all of our videos to rise in views and increased our follower count to almost 40k followers.  Not only did this video give TikTokers some content they wanted to see, but it drove sales!  We ended up selling over 700 of the GTFO wrist strap that was featured in the video.

GTFO Sales

So what’s next?  100k followers?  One million followers?  Is Currin1776 the next Jason Derulo? Who knows!  We are going to continue to lean into the platform, testing video types, and trying to figure out what will work best for us.  


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