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Are we TikTok Famous yet? Part 3

Are we TikTok Famous yet? Part 3

by john roman

2 years ago

A new milestone

Last night we surpassed 200,000 followers on TikTok.  I wrote Part 2 of this series on April 4th, almost 3 months ago.  At that time, we were at 123,500 followers.  If you had asked me back then when we would have hit 200k, I would have said ‘hopefully by the end of April or beginning of May’.  Our daily efforts on growing our TikTok account are filled with new learnings, incorrect algorithm theories, and trial & error.  Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on who you ask), we don’t dance or ‘shake what our momma gave us’ on our account.  If we did that, perhaps, the journey would be a smoother one.  On our account, we showcase cool and innovative outdoor gear while having an incredible time doing it.

If not previously stated, our goal of becoming ‘TikTok famous’ is ultimately for monetization purposes...just not directly.  The monetization piece is the goal but only because it’s a byproduct of what we are trying to accomplish first which is building the BattlBox community. Part of what we love to do is showcase all the amazing products we come across.  We have fun doing that, mainly because it’s a passion of ours.  The community we have built and the interactions we have with BattlBoxers is priceless, enjoyable, and motivating.  Education and awareness is also super important to us.  As our community grows and in turn our potential audience size, the revenue follows.  We are a business.  Businesses drive revenue.  We are just lucky that we get to have a really good time while we accomplish this.  We can hit our business goals as a byproduct of doing what we love, what a great solution.

Let’s dig into 2 product focused TikToks we posted, one several months ago and one this week.  In Part 1 of this series we discussed the GTFO Wrist Strap TikTok and it’s performance, we are going to revisit this.  This week, we posted a TikTok featuring our BattlBox Tupik Tent, we will dissect that as well.

GTFO Wrist Strap

We have had around 250k more views to this video since the initial summary I provided, bringing our total views to just over 1.1 million.  The GTFO Wrist Strap is priced at $19.99.  It also appeals to a larger audience and demographic due to its practical use.  We sold 700 of them when we released the TikTok and can attribute another few hundred of them sold since, let’s call it 1,000 total due to the TikTok.  

BattlBox GTFO Wrist Strap TikTok

BattlBox Tupik Tent

Since posting this TikTok on June 30th (46 hours ago) we have seen 701k views.  The tent is priced at $99.99.  This is obviously a substantially more expensive product than the GTFO and appeals to a much smaller demographic as well.  We have sold 25 tents that can be attributed to the TikTok.  If you want to examine conversion rates or any other similar metric, the results might lead you to think this was NOT a huge success.

However, looking at simply product sales is a very short sided view in my opinion.  This TikTok drove a decent amount of traffic to our website!  While they might not have purchased the tent, they entered our sales funnel.  When looking at Google Analytics, the traffic was great as far as normal website behavior goes.  Low bounce rate, decent time on site, and over 5 pages viewed on average. Our average subscription box customer (which is our core business) typically has 13 touches before converting.  The traffic that did not buy a tent is worth more than the 25 tent sales.

BattlBox Tupik Tent TikTok

BattlBox Google Analytics Data for TikTok


What’s Next?

The path to over one million followers has not gone as fast as any of us would like, but that is OK.  We are engaging with new audience members and building our community.  This is the foundation that matters to hit our end goals, it’s just taking longer than expected.


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