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You're doing it right...

You're doing it right...

by john roman

A year ago

15-25 sales emails per day.
7-10 LinkedIn sales DMs per day
3-5 sales phone calls per day.

It's a crowded space.  Chances are, I am not responding to you.
It's not personal, I likely did not even fully read your message.
It's simply not possible nor is it a good use of my time to dive into all the messages I receive.  The realty is 80-90% of them are not even 'fits' for us but these organizations are playing a 'numbers game'. 
My inbound sales contact volume is not unique, this is the case for most decision makers.  

As a sales professional, you need to be aware that you have massive competition on the prospecting front.  If you are not positioning your outreach in a unique manner, your conversion rate to meetings is going to be horrible.  The days are long gone of buying a lead list and dumping it in an automation email campaign tool.  You must seperate yourself.

Through the years, I have highlighted some ways in which sales professionals are 'doing it wrong'.  I added some links at the bottom of this to those articles.

Let's talk about how you can do it right.

The right sales approach

Enter Eric King.  A sales professional that understands the game.
Eric had been reaching out to me for a few months.  I did not realize this until I decided to do this write up and I searched my inbox.  

inbox emails

Now, I am going to assume this was email campaign automation.
I did not read these, they were part of my daily sales emails that get ignored because I get so many.

Let's move onto LinkedIn.  99% of sales professionals on LinkedIn are doing it wrong.  They send a connection request and then send you a DM every couple of days with unoriginal generalized pitches.  My LinkedIn inbox is similar to my email inbox, filled with noise.  Yesterday, however, I had a rather long back and forth with Eric King.  Why?

Eric the sales professional

Eric sent me a video and it was not a video he sent anyone else.
It was a video to me.  He referenced some recent content I had put out and also identified that we both wear hats a lot.  This 'right under 2 minute' video is IT ladies and gentlemen. 

This is how you seperate yourself from the pack.

This is how you get the attention of a prospect.

After watching it, I had to respond.  As a human being, having any level of decency and respect for others, a response was warranted.

Sales Professionals - BE MORE LIKE ERIC

I promise you, the quicker you learn to seperate yourself from the crowd, the quicker your metrics (appointment ratios and close ratios) are going to spike in the right direction.

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  • Hey I’ve always been annoyed by outreach on Linkedin. I personally use it to connect with the person, see some of their post for later. Did you feel that the video on the DM was intrusive? If you were to run a sales team, would you recommend your team to do it? No doubt it can attract attention just wondering if it’s the right way to do it?

    Nico on

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