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TikTok Shop Update - Tested the Promote option Part 2

TikTok Shop Update - Tested the Promote option Part 2

by John Roman

3 weeks ago

I did another test on the 3 creatives. Besides running into a problem with 2 of them (same product and problem for both), I have concluded this test was not necessary and I could have attempted to scale the winner from the first test. Let’s get into it.

In Test #1, Video #1 was the winner as it was the only video that produced sales. We expected video #2 to be the winner but it produced a goose egg.  Part of this second test was to see if we experienced an anomaly with it in test #1 or if it really was not scalable and the initial success was the actual anomaly. 

For this test, I was going to go with the ‘Get Sales’ objective for all 3 videos and see if the results would be different.  Also, instead of the $23.44 spend, I was going to spend $70 on Video #1, $70 on Video #2, and $50 on Video 3.


Off the jump, I ran into an issue.  Shortly after purchasing the ads, I received a notification that Video #1 and #2 ads were closed before any spending was done because the product link was not available.  Obviously, the product link was available, a very strange error. I sent this to our TikTok rep, but have yet to receive a response (besides that they would have the team look into it).

Since I could not use the ‘Get Sales’ objective, I went with the ‘Boost Account’ option I had used before for #1 and #2 and did a budget of $70.

The results:

Video #3 - which had performed poorly in the first test both on views and no sales, continued to be a loser. While this was the only one of the three ads I could use the ‘Get Sales’ objective, it did not matter. Another goose egg.

Video #2 - Was the first test an anomaly? This performed the best of the 3 organically sales-wise, so I was having trouble believing it would perform again with no sales. I was wrong. The second test was in line with the first test, no sales.

Video #1 - The winner from the first test with 3 sales and a 3.0 ROAS. Also the only winner from test #2. But was it profitable?  In all, 5 sales were generated with the $70 spend. Now, would it have performed better if we were able to use the ‘Get Sales’ objective, I guess we won’t ever know.


5 sales for $106.20 in revenue puts it at a 1.51 ROAS.  Not quite the 3.0 ROAS we received with the smaller test. We would scale 3.0, we are not going to scale 1.51 ROAS.


In Summary:

The second test did not change anything. The first test told us that Video #1 was the only winner. The second test confirmed this.  Knowing that we can trust results in the first test on TikTok and scale accordingly is of value. We did see diminishing results in performance with test #2. This serves as important information for the next round of tests we do on the platform.

Moving forward, we can do a single test like we did in Test #1, and attempt to scale the winner (if it performs profitably in the test). We would likely scale slower than normal though given what we saw in test #2. Instead of jumping to $500 a day as the next level, we would probably spend 2-3 days of scaling to get there first to ensure there were not major diminishing returns.

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