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TikTok and YouTube UPDATE June 2022

2022 YouTube Stats

by john roman

A year ago

It’s been 4 months since my last update.  A LOT has happened. 

In my last breakdown, i explained how leaning into Shorts on YouTube was leading to our subscriber count growing at basically double what it was previously.  Well, we continued to double down on Shorts content while still posting consistent long form content.

Some quick data points on YouTube.  Prior to our full blown launch into YouTube Shorts in December, we were adding between 300-600 new subscribers a month.  By January, we were adding almost 1,000 new subscribers a month.  We were sitting around 54,500 subscribers going into 2022.  At the time of my last post about this (February) we had hit our first semi viral video on Shorts which spiked our subscriber count to 72,000.  In March, we had some more success with Shorts and we spiked to over 100,000.  In April and May we added over 10,000 new subs both months.  At the start of June we were sitting a little over 130,000 subscribers.  Less than a month later, we are currently at 317,000 subscribers. 

YouTube BattlBox June Analytics

How did we get this insane growth?  Quite simply, Shorts.  Out of the 261,981 subscribers we have to added to our channel this year, 89.2% of them came via the Shorts feed.

YouTube Subscription Growth Source

Before I dive into the content that gave us the major growth this month and why this matters to an ecommerce company, let’s switch gears and look at TikTok.

My last breakdown regarding TikTok was in February as well with The Tok’ening.  We were at 378,700 followers and 3,000,000 likes.  This relatively exponential growth made TikTok our largest audience across our social media channels.  This gave us some organic traffic and we also saw our ads significantly outperform Meta.  TikTok had now become our top lead source for new customer acquisition.  Fast forward to the end of June, we now have 707,000 Followers and 7,700,000 likes.  If you look at June as a whole, TikTok is still our top acquisition source.  YouTube, however, has been gaining ground.  If you break down June by week, YouTube actually took the number one spot 2 of the 5 weeks.

Let’s dive into the content that gave both channels the hyper growth this month.

We published a long form 18-minute video on YouTube on May 26th, ‘Testing out the Puri Bag:

On May 27th, we posted a minute long video edit from long form video, ‘Clean water in 30 minutes’:

We quickly saw major momentum with this.

We dropped the same video on YouTube on May 30th:

This has often been our approach.  Publishing long form content and also chopping it up into multiple short form videos as well.  

When we dropped the initial video on YouTube 3 days later, we also dropped another video (‘P&G Packets’) from the shoot on TikTok (May 30th):

Next day (May 31st), we dropped that same video on YouTube:

We then published a third video, ‘Same mud hole’, on TikTok on May 31st:

We, again, dropped that video on YouTube the day after (June 1st):

Here is a breakdown of how these videos have performed as of June 28th:

Video Stats for both YouTube and TikTok

Some takeaways:

While the only longform video out of the 4 seemed to be on the lower end of success compared to the rest, it’s our best performing long form video ever with a view count double our previous best.

Clear correlation between the identical videos on the different channels.  Bangers are bangers and platform agnostic.

bUT wHy DOeS ThiS mATteR?!?

SpongeBob Meme

Advertising is still in disarray in a post iOS 14 world.  Becoming less dependent on advertising channels should always be a part of your strategy and quality content is a way to grow your audience.  So far in June, we have had 6,363 organic visitors to our site from TikTok and 7,858 from YouTube.  These are just the visitors that clicked a link that we can track.  This does not account for direct (typed in our website) visitors or visitors that googled us after seeing content and came that way.  

Are 14,000 organic visitors this month from our content on these 2 channels going to change the game for us? 

No, it is not. 

It’s just a start. 

But, we are just getting started.


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