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This little hack generated 6 figures for us in the last 45 days

This little hack generated 6 figures for us in the last 45 days

by john roman

3 years ago

We are always testing things on our site, always trying to find changes or offerings that can move the needle.  We typically celebrate multiple tiny tweaks each month that collectively lead to measurable improvement.  Whether its an a/b test we did on a button, call to action, or product placement change; each month we gather the data and improve.  Very rarely is the result something that changes a behavior, result, or order value more than a single percentage.  But again, we combine the multiple test results, and the combined result is always something noteworthy.

I get a lot of messages from sales professionals that always claim their service is some sort of gamechanger.  99% of these folks are completely full of shit.  Not in a malicious way, they might even genuinely believe their product is helping businesses.  In fact, many actually are.  Unfortunately, when you run a highly advanced marketing and sales engine, gamechanger solutions are the exception, not the rule.  Yet, in addition to all the traditional site testing we do, we are always testing new solutions as well.  

I was on the phone with Chris George shortly after they launched their new site design of Gentleman’s Box.  He was telling me about a gamechanger.  It was an upsell/add-on they had on the last page of checkout.  They were seeing an insane conversion rate percentage with it.  It was simply a mystery box visitors could add on to their order right before checkout.  We already had some upsell/add-on options living on our site.  When a customer adds a non-subscription product to our site, we have a pop-up with 4-6 recommendations that they should also add.  Post checkout with a subscription product, we have an exclusive offer pop up that allows the customer to add an item to their order without having to check out again.  Both of these see a respectable adoption rate/conversion rate/increase to the average order value.

We use Recharge for our subscription billing, Gentleman’s Box does not.  The place Chris has this upsell/add-on was the equivalent to page 2 of the Recharge checkout.  This page did not have many customization options.  In fact, short of some branding, you couldn't change the page.  I reached out to our Account Manager at Recharge and sent them a Loom video of Gentleman’s Box checkout.  After a quick back and forth, they made a tweak on their end allowing us to edit the CSS of page 2.  I had a quick call with Alen Malkoc (runs arguably the best and brightest Shopify centric development agency in the world, more on this later) and talked through the concept. Within a couple of days after some tweaks to design/copy, we had the upsell live on the BattlBox site.  We opted to go with a ‘Mystery Box’ offering as well for our upsell/addon.

Holy Cow.  40% of all new sub customers are adding this Mystery Box!  Data that was very similar to Gentleman’s Box.  This has increased our Average Order Value per subscription order by 16%.  Insane!  Given our normal volume and adding in the uptick from our Netflix show, after 45 days, this has generated six figures in revenue.  

Now, we quickly did the same thing for Carnivore Club.  We felt that a Mystery Box when ordering meat is not something too compelling, so we opted to make the add-on/upsell some cheese and crackers.  The results are not the same. For this one, we are seeing about a 5% take rate on it.  Next steps will be some testing (adjust price point and try other products).


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