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The importance of user-generated content

The importance of user-generated content

by Damiya A

A year ago

Even though there exist multiple tools that marketers can utilize to promote their brands, user-generated content is one of the most potent among these. User-generated content serves as a confidence vote toward your products, services, or business. Your brand's biggest fans usually snap photos, publish blogs, or write reviews to promote your services or products.

User-generated content can take multiple forms, for instance, text, audio, images, and videos, that consumers usually share on social media platforms. Businesses can utilize this content in their marketing campaigns.

Why is user-generated content important for business?

However, have you ever thought about how user-generated content can benefit your business? Here we have enlisted some of the most important benefits of using user-generated content for your business to know.

So, here we go:

1.      User-generated content can influence purchasing decisions

Multiple questions out there can deter consumers from buying online. Your prospects are always trying to figure out the size, color, quality, etc., of the products brands offer online. Studio-level photography can easily temper with colors due to customizing settings and edge sharpness in mind.

  • On the other hand, user-generated content is more focused on the moment’s spur. Moreover, users don’t follow any templates.
  • In fact, these videos, pictures, and even text reviews are candid. Additionally, your prospects know that user-generated content isn't under the brand's control.

Therefore, your curious audience likes this reliable feedback and user reviews. Non-promotional and unaltered user-generated content can even influence 84% of customers to click “Add to cart” and help them make buying decisions more quickly than otherwise.

2.      Increased brand credibility and authenticity

Currently, brands are fighting to be seen online. With more and more startups emerging on the scene, the competition for customers’ attention is getting fierce. Moreover, buyers have become more selective about the businesses they interact with and buy their products from.

Therefore, consumers have become more passionate about content authenticity. About 60% of marketers admit that content quality and authenticity have become equally important to run a successful business. Fortunately, user-generated content is the most authentic content type you can use to promote your brand. It works as word of mouth in the present day and helps you to increase brand authenticity and credibility in the best possible way.

3.      Improved social media reach and growth

Social media marketing campaigns and user-generated content can go hand in hand, just like jelly and peanut butter. The power of each can help businesses to create more effective campaigns by combining both. Using user-generated content on social media platforms can work as an excellent strategy to improve your social media reach and growth.

This strategy can work amazingly to strengthen the social media presence of your brand and build a better relationship with customers.

4.      Increased SEO benefits

User-generated content can help your Search Engine Optimization campaign in multiple ways. According to a report by Kissmetrics, about 25% of all search results for the top 20 largest brands of the world are links to their UGC.

  • Moreover, positive reviews can also positively impact your SEO rankings.
  • Even if your consumers publish your product or service-related content on their blogs, their backlinks to your website will consequently improve your SEO rankings.

Brands or marketers should also analyze your audience's most commonly used phrases or words. This practice will improve keyword optimization research in the best possible way.

5.      Showcase your brand advocacy

Another one of the most powerful reasons to use user-generated content is increased trust and brand advocacy. It is easier for your potential buyers to relate to your existing customers and the content they generate. Similarly, potential buyers resonate more with a satisfied customer than a brand.

  • It is the goal prospects want to achieve, i.e., finding a service or product that can resolve their pain point and make them happy.
  • User-generated content has the potential to transmit different vibes for a product. Its central position is taken by the issues a product or service can resolve.

Your prospects can easily distinguish the content generated by a similar user with similar problems they have overcome by using a certain service or product. So, it will ultimately make more sense for them to replicate the same effective solution.

6.      Unlimited content flow 

Marketing campaigns for your brand are not a one-off strategy. Instead, this constant process needs trendy and authentic content continuously. Fortunately, user-generated content can provide you with the unlimited content flow. This content form is generated by your users continuously. Consequently, it can remove the efforts required for consistent content creation.

Moreover, user-generated content can keep marketing campaigns alive for longer in the digital ecosystem.

7.      Increased conversions and revenue

The ultimate goal of every marketing campaign is to increase conversion rate and sales revenue for the ensured survival and success of the brand. User-generated content is arguably the most appropriate solution to achieve this. This content form can increase user engagement, impacting the conversion rate directly.

Moreover, people also trust user-generated content more than other types of marketing content, especially when it's about making a buying decision. Additionally, user-generated content can provide credibility and validation to your brand's marketing message, which can ultimately drive prospects toward conversion. 

8.      Enhanced user engagement 

User-generated content also effectively adds more engaging and interesting content to your marketing campaigns. The content features multiple elements, including interactivity, creativity, authenticity, value proposition, and trustworthiness. All these attributes in the user-generated content can become impressively engaging and highly valuable to consumers.

Therefore, using this content in your marketing campaign will take user engagement to the next level and intensify the campaign's impact. Consequently, the possibility of achieving your desired objectives will increase significantly.

Final Thoughts

The days of using one-directional marketing campaigns have long gone to promote your brand. In the present time, even marketing campaigns have become consumer-centric. Therefore, the power of success for any business now lies in consumers’ hands. Brands opt for opportunities to use user-generated content to engage and interact with the potential audience to advocate their brands. Above all, user-generated content is key to executing a successful marketing campaign.

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