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Build for Happiness not $$$ - 5 Keys to Happiness and Success

Build for Happiness not $$$ - 5 Keys to Happiness and Success

by christopher george

3 years ago

I started my entrepreneurial journey when I was 21, I knew growing up and going through college that I wanted to work for myself and build amazing businesses.  The problem for the first 13 years of my entrepreneurial life was that all I cared about was making money.  Truth is I did, and I hustled and had a lot of success. Everything was transactional, I felt no meaning and I wanted more. It wasn’t till I started SUBTA that things started to change.  We built SUBTA because we wanted to build a community in the Direct to Consumer Subscription Space.  I wanted to have the contacts to all the leaders in the space so that I could connect with them and build my business better. As a result, we built the largest community in direct to consumer subscriptions, we run the largest event, and now have positioned ourselves as leaders.  

The importance of all of this was that we stayed focused on our core values of building a community and helping entrepreneurs.  As entrepreneurs I want you to build your business on your core values, preach them to your team and focus on being happy.  The money will come, and I know this is easier said than done, in many cases you need to work to make money, but doesn’t mean you can’t start working on what makes you happy on the side.   

My 5 top keys to happiness and success:


  • Identify what you LOVE doing.

    Now, you may love basketball, but the idea of going pro is out the window.  Just because you couldn’t go pro doesn’t mean you can’t be involved with the sport.  You can coach, you can build a training facility for kids, you can come out with a basketball clothing line.  There are so many options, maybe you work your butt off for 10 years and apply to work in the NBA. The opportunities are endless.  

  • Put Key employees in place 

  • Many entrepreneurs struggle with this, I always hear “I can do it faster and better than if I trained someone to do it”  Get this mentality out of your head, you are only one person, you can’t scale by yourself.  Hire really good people and put them in them in the right positions to give you the  best chance of success. 

  •  Work

  • No one ever became successful by not working, you have to put the time in, if you follow #1, then it won/t feel like work, you will wake up everyday ready to go. 

  • Know that as an entrepreneur you essentially are a firefighter. 

  • All day everyday you will be fighting fires, customer complaints, system failures, employees, and more.   Being an entrepreneur may sound cool, but you gotta be ready to get beat up.  I promise if your building towards happiness this all pays off at the end. 

  • Understand that you won’t get rich quick. 

  • Everyone chases the quick dollar, the instagram post on “How i made 1 million dollars in just 6 months doing this” this doesn’t happen.  Don’t fall for the get rich quick scheme. Everything takes time and you have to put in the work. Mentality is everything, build for success that pays dividends over time.  

    Chase happiness not money, and I promise you will live the life you love! 


    Christopher George is Co-founder and Chairman of SUBTA. He is also the Co-Founder of Gentleman's Box. You can also follow him on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, & TikTok.


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