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2022 Top 5 tips for SEO

2022 Top 5 tips for SEO

by Damiya A

2 years ago

It’s imperative to be on the first page if you want more traffic to your website. Less than 1% of visitors click on search results after the first page. SEO is key to your marketing strategies to improve the site's visibility for relevant Google searches.

Each year brings new SEO tactics to refine and reevaluate your SEO strategies for better results. These SEO strategies help site owners be more impactful and targeted to their potential visitors. About 53% of overall web traffic is from organic searches. Therefore, refining your SEO strategy and investing in SEO tactics 2022 is important.

Top 5 SEO tips for 2022

Do you want to see more success in SEO this year? Ensure to keep the following tips in mind while creating your SEO strategy for 2022.

Mobile-first indexing is key.

Mobile-first indexing means search engine uses your mobile site primarily for ranking. The original plan of Google was to complete its mobile-first indexing by March 2021. However, numerous websites weren't ready for this switch. Therefore, Google left the timeline open for mobile-first indexing's last steps. However, this is the right time for every site owner to prepare for the switch.

Above 50% of overall search, traffic comes from mobile searches. Therefore, it is more important for you to make your site mobile-friendly. This SEO tactic will surely improve your search engine rankings.

According to SEMRush, about 73% of internet users will access the internet through mobile devices by 2025.

Mobile-friendly updates by search engines have made mobile optimization a key to any SEO strategy.

However, here are the steps that you should take to ensure mobile optimization for your site:

  • Design a mobile-first and responsive website design.
  • Analyze and fix mobile errors in your site
  • Ensure that Googlebot can easily crawl your site content
  • Keep your site content the same for both mobile and desktop visitors.

Creating mobile responsive design and optimizing your site for mobile searches are keys to staying on the top of search engines. So, make sure to switch as soon as possible.

Optimize your site’s featured snippets

Any online searcher takes up to 14.6 seconds only to visit a site that appeared in their search results. Featured snippets are the excerpts that appear on SERPs’ first position. The key characteristic of featured snippets is to answer the searcher's question right on the screen page.

However, you can use featured snippet optimization as a powerful tool to improve your brand reputation. Featured snippets optimization will also work amazingly to boost organic traffic to your site. As optimized, featured snippets can let search engines understand better when your web page provides the best answer to any relevant search.

Types of featured snippets

Website owners generally target 4 types of featured snippets on their sites. These types include:

  • Paragraphs used by 70% of sites
  • Video used by 5% of sites
  • Listicle by 19% of sites
  • The table used by 6% of sites

Here we have enlisted some key tips to optimize your featured snippets for SEO in 2022:

  • Organize your site content in a properly structured manner.
  • Make sure your one article includes answers to various similar questions
  • Include high-quality, eye-catching, and relevant images in your content.
  • Choose tables to create answers when possible.
  • For example, write dedicated headings, “how many calories you should take per day?” to answer featured snippets.

These key tips will surely help you in better-featured snippets optimization.

Focus on optimized user experience

Simplifying site navigation is synonymous with improved user experience. Moreover, site navigation is also key to improved site rankings, as user experience has been a key site ranking factor for Google for a few years.

Moreover, improved user experience can also better your site for converting site visitors into punters. Consequently, you can experience a higher Return on Investment with ease. Your site has to be authoritative and trustworthy to achieve a higher search engine ranking. It should also provide a unique value to its visitors. However, with any site lacking UX, you won’t be able to get a higher search engine ranking. Therefore, it is highly important to focus on user experience optimization.

Take the following ways into consideration to improve your site’s user experience in the best possible way:

  • Improve your site loading speed
  • Make every web page easily accessible for your visitors
  • Prefer using high-quality and relevant images with alt tags.
  • Simplify the navigation of your site
  • Improve your UX design to ensure SEO-friendly layouts.

Voice Search Optimization

The way users have been searching online has transformed significantly over time. 2022 is the time for every site owner to understand voice search optimization’s current state if you don't know it already. Voice search has affected search queries in the previous year.

According to a report, about 55% of USA households will have smart speakers in 2022. So, it has become critical for every site owner to optimize their sites for voice search.

Follow the basic steps below for efficient voice search optimization:

  • Choose relevant keywords for your site content
  • Always prefer creating content based on persona
  • Ensure to add the FAQs section to your site as most of the voice searches begin with Who, what, and when the type of words.
  • Create a responsive web design
  • Use long-tail and short-tail keywords in your content
  • Optimize images and speed of your site.
  • Keep the response time of your server as low as possible.

As per Forbes, voice search can improve the user experience dramatically. With the continuously growing use of voice searches, search engines extensively focus on optimizing voice search to rank sites in search results.

Content Quality is still a major SEO factor.

Google updates its algorithm regularly, but its north star, i.e., content quality, remains the same. Therefore, Google always prefers to promote and rank websites having high-quality and relevant content. Whenever it’s about site ranking, the search engine checks the quality signals enlisted below:

  • Comprehensive and rich data relevant to the topic
  • Visually stable, interactive, and fast loading site content
  • Original content or analysis with authentic information
  • Optimized and relevant internal and external link building strategy
  • Search intent’s satisfaction with strong content relevance.

Search engines are improving overtime at the signals of quality content. Therefore, even if you have competitors with higher domain authority, you can still outrank them with higher content quality. So, keep your content as rich, comprehensive, and relevant as possible to experience more benefits.

Final thoughts

So, these are the key SEO tips to follow in 2022 to achieve a higher ranking in search engines. Ensure to put all these SEO tactics in your 2022’s SEO strategy to earn more SEO success.


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