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Maximizing Sales & Customer Experience with John Roman, CEO, BattlBox + Carnivore Club

Maximizing Sales & Customer Experience with John Roman, CEO, BattlBox + Carnivore Club

by Erik Christiansen

5 months ago

Erik and John explore:
- Different strategies for improving the customer experience and increasing sales
- John's experience with BattlBox, a subscription service that sends customers a box of outdoor and survival gear every month
- How to prioritize acquiring, converting, and retaining customers
- Shipping, engaging with current customers, and building a loyal customer base through retention strategies
- The importance of the product page in the customer journey
- Testing alternative language to improve the customer experience

Transcript from video:


Carnivore Club many of you have probably
heard John on different podcasts you
know him so we're not gonna go into
crazy and Chuck we're just gonna keep
rolling I like it
and you know
when we're going to air this episode uh
mid-may what time is it it's April 20th
it's 4 20 today 4 20. I didn't realize
that until right now yeah speaking of
subscription clubs and and services in
different markets the um and marketing I
I'm getting hit up by all the uh
delivery I'm in California all the weed
delivery companies oh yeah today's
probably their biggest day biggest day
in Atlanta is I doubt Georgia's probably
legalized marijuana no we're we're going
to be one of the last last days probably
not do that so you're not moving into
that market are you no
um it's a what a
popping Market though it's um it's funny
there's a lot of eventually you know in
my opinion Georgia even though it'll be
one of the last dates eventually it will
legalize it I know people that are in
Georgia that have been building
hydroponic farms and and it's not
they're not profitable now they're not
losing money but they're Break Even
because every single dollar of profit
they're just reinvesting into making
better and and uh greater bigger
infrastructure and literally so they're
making like just organic vegetables
right but literally the play is they're
building this infrastructure it's it's
break even reinvesting into it and the
moment it happens yep flip it
and then they're gonna have a Best in
um so a lot of people are playing that
long game right now so today we're gonna
we're gonna talk just the trenches of
retail and that's what you know with
John his background is well diversionary
sales retail Commerce subscription
and you know for our audience today you
know you have to you know you have to be
Scrappy with retail and you have to
experiment and test and really
understand what your customers want and
you know I John and I were rapping and
looking back at all of the recent stuff
he's been working on I highly encourage
you to you know go check out online
queso it's uh John's blog
um how do I even rocking that thing
a couple years now I think two two years
it's interactive I mean I already shared
two articles to my sales team from
John's blog so I I would you know it's
rare that I see something and I like
share it and um so John's on it check it
out I appreciate it also battlbox uh
no no e in it of course
um you know before unfortunately if you
go to battlbox with a knee you'll be
on a Disney site okay
so let's today we're gonna get into
consumer behavior and Retail and the
realities of where businesses can kind
of win and increase sales and oftentimes
it's not it's not one thing it's not one
one Silver Bullet it's it's a mindset
it's a conversion mindset where you're
you're willing to kind of figure out how
can we increase sales and
um so with that said uh you know we're
gonna jump right into it because John
you shared
a a huge win
a 40 it was what 40
consumer we were able to increase the
aov by
49.99 50 bucks
overnight like that increasing sales
which is why we're here today how can we
focus on what we have on our site and
increase it would you be okay doing a
screen share on that again yeah no uh
I'm all about the visuals and obviously
we're doing video too
um contact information we can blur it
yeah yeah definitely
all right
so what we're showing here is the
checkout experience
and how battlbox has found a fantastic
solution to increase aov
take it away John sure so so there's two
two parts of it
one which we didn't talk about but I'll
hit on really quickly is so unpopular
opinion we charge shipping
um and we we've done testing to to up
the price and include shipping the fact
is we send gigantic boxes and they're
heavy and it's we have to we charge and
we update it based on the box
um but here's an interesting piece so
we're we're including tracking on on our
standard shipping right
um you get tracking and you get
insurance in the sense that if something
bad happens that's outside of your
control where you really care about
customer experience so we're do we're
making it right anyway right something
happens to your box damaged product
we're gonna chip you another one we want
you to be a happy customer
um so we were just doing it because
that's the right thing to do
um so and we're going to continue to do
it because it's the right thing to do
but standard shipping and then there's
an upsell opportunity here where it's
standard shipping Plus Insurance Plus
um we're giving it to you no matter what
but we we take we it's not a crazy take
rate but we see about a 15 uptick
um take rate where people want the
additional service you know they're on
the shipping component which is the
number one reason for car abandonment
and why people will just what I do is
I'll shop a brand that I'll just go to
Amazon and just buy it there because I
know I can get it for free the next day
battlbox is unique you have
competitive Advantage because they don't
have that I read a great uh article on
it's a communication Factor where
uh if you what you just told me in terms
of it's a big box it's heavy whatever
have you experienced with communicating
experience experiment with communicating
that to the consumer where it's like oh
okay I get it this is a big heavy box
unwilling to kind of pay for it I I
think after talking with you right now
Eric I think we can probably do a better
job of it
um we've communicated it but not I think
we that's probably an area for
improvement we probably can and that
would probably help with
um overall conversion website from you
know paid
paid ads that's interesting it's one of
those things where you know consumers
are willing to pay for shipping there's
enough studies and you've proven it here
with your own business it's just it has
to make sense for them right what they
need to pay for it yeah it's a really
good point
um I'm I'm gonna put a note and we're
gonna talk I'm going to talk with the
team about it later well the other thing
is too with shipping is is the
um you know you talk about consumer
behavior and I know you talk a lot about
that in your other podcasts and stuff is
you are you answering the basic needs
and questions of a consumer and the IT
the number one when it comes to shipping
when is it going to get here and it's
okay if it's not overnight they just
need to have a sense of when it's going
to arrive it also speaks to the consumer
that you respect the fact that shipping
is important
so we and and and we do that because I
think that's so so so Paramount so
obviously they get a a welcome
onboarding series after after they
um but this is during the this is you're
saying during you're saying during the
sales process yeah
just the way you know oh yeah and
looking at what Amazon did you're giving
me you're giving me some nuggets here I
like this
this is great
um most the shipping apps offer this
stuff now too like little widgets you
know yeah
there's so many that's the thing about
conversion there's it's so many so much
you can do it's just a matter of time
and resources and investment yeah and
prioritizing which which things to do so
with that said you have found it your
own nugget yeah so we we do have a
nugget so we're on the second page of of
checkout here and what we've done is
we've added this little upsell add-on
piece a little flashing light or
flashing Arrow where they can add a
mystery box to order it's 49.99
um and when they add it it goes right
and it's going to be 70 to 110 dollars
worth of
um gear so very similar value prop to
the subscription that they're already
buying I I just noticed something you're
offering free shipping on that mystery
box aren't you yes
it's it's included we're not we're not
changing anything there you go there's
more Market you should add free shipping
yeah we should
wonder if if that brings confusion to
them yeah like it's worth a test yeah

um but yeah so here's the crazy part so
this used to be 39.99
um it's now 49.99 we we LED and started
testing at 39.99 took it up to see if
there was any change in take rate and
there was Zero change we have a 40 take
rate on this which which to me is just
absolutely mind-blowing they that 40
would add it um it also serves a couple
other purpose besides the conversion the
aov lift
um it's a mystery box so it allows us to
sometimes offload some excess inventory
I love that have a pathway for that that
because so the reason I got out of
retail is inventory
it's it's those one it's that low volume
inventory that kills businesses
yeah absolutely so this is a great
a great path where you know we're able
to make a couple thousand of these boxes
a month and
ship them out
while we
so studying your your sites and what's
cool is you have two sites so you can
kind of cross holiday ideas that work
from carnivore Club to battlbox one
thing that stood out to me was your
giveaways so and I know you're big about
building Community around your Brands
which is if you you said it's the
hardest possible thing you can do when
you're at Sears snowboard we built the
world's largest snowboard Community
online and we were able to do it because
people were passionate about
snowboarding and so you can really get
behind and the way we we started getting
engaged with consumers was one we did
The Forum which I know you mentioned you
tested with this was back in 2005 so
it's like more acceptable sure and and
we recognized people were asking what
size snowboard should I get on like
Burton's Snowboard and
swarms so we brought it in the second
was the giveaway
and it allowed us to like engage with
the community and we'd give away
snowboards and you know there's some
words to us at cost the perceived value
to Consumer was double what we sometimes
you know 70 more than what we paid for
it and we could also partner with our
Our Brands to give them give us
snowboards to give away
same and so it became this epic
investment into our own consumer base
that allowed us to grow so I noticed you
have giveaways on both your sites can
you share how that experience is going
yeah so the giveaway pieces is huge so
it's it's um you know we're we're
garnering maybe 2 000 additional email
addresses each month that we didn't have
previously in our list
um so right there the the value
um exists but it's also
really about the community so we
automatically enter all of our active
customers into the giveaway
um they don't have to enter they can get
extra entries by you know doing a list
of chores like liking us and following
us on social media stuff like that but
downloading our app
it's it creates such a such a buzz
and we try to do cool cool items right
that are very on brand
um stuff that typically wouldn't we
wouldn't never be able to put into the
box because the the economics don't make
sense right we can't put a
400 dollar
item in a in a in a 200 box
I mean we could but we'd probably lose
lose money and be out of business
in terms of data with perk Myers with
the giveaway are you able you mentioned
email and and you can't get some social
following are you able to collect any
any zero first party data further from
from the giveaways so so we're getting
their their name
um name email and birthday
um obviously with the birthday there's a
there's a flow to trigger there
the um so something else that kind of
surprised me and I'm curious where this
fits into your business model is you
know coming in it's subscription boxes
and and I noticed I could shop all the
items individually what's that kind of
breakdown and vision for you in in terms
of of
the future for that
so so I definitely think the the
additional one-time items
it's a small part of the business now
it's it's you know roughly
maybe 10 12 percent
um the the subscription is definitely
the The Lion's Share of the business but
yeah we have 500 600 skus at any given
this year we're really going to try to
build on the marketplaces the Amazons
ebays fares of the world
um so we're we're going to keep
investing in it I think it can be a much
larger portion portion of the business
and arguably the the margins are much
um you know with with the subscription
we're they're spending 200 all in with
shipping and tax
um and we're getting you know 350
dollars worth of product but in order
for us to deliver that
our margins are not your traditional
retail margins
um we're having to negotiate with the
vendors and we have to get sweetheart
deals better than wholesale but still
um the there's costs associated with it
definitely definitely trying to grow
that portion of the business uh two two
other questions one's around gift cards
and then I don't want to forget it the
other is around
the actual content in the boxes because
I know you you crowdsource the the
letter goes in the boxes which is a
great engage uh your your audience with
gift cards you know gifting seems like a
big aspect of your business it's not
it's not it's surprisingly not
um so so 90 90 of to have a big surprise

uh demographic 90 are male
um 10 are female but 50 of those female

buyers that's where the gifting exists
they're buying it for a male in their
but no it's it's very very very low on
the gifting it's people buying it for
themselves are getting surprising it's
gifting but it's gifting for themselves
and I think I think the reason now don't
get me wrong we see a spike during yeah
and we have some gift boxes non-mystery
but as people
um buying it for themselves and I think
you know our our aov is is
130 540. so I think it might that might
be the reason it might be slightly
priced out of like that gifting range
for a lot of people
so I I maybe I I just thought that
because of the the video you have on
your what other videos you have on your
site that you invested in
um wait now we're talking about battlbox or
carnivore oh that was carnivore
carnivore polar opposite yeah carnivore
is super super gifting like 60 is
gifting okay so you have to adjust your
on the site based around that yeah yeah
carnivore is all about gifting we have
um for each of the the four main
offerings we have it all super
customizable so they can gift it exactly
how they want
the amount of months and stuff
so with with those you're managing two
two businesses more we have we have one
low which a children's subscription and
then we have crate club which is uh uh
battlbox competitor okay ooh it's nice
they were they were our largest at one
point yeah
um I forget who there's some there's a
businessman who has the whole strategy
of like build a business and then build
your build the com a second business be
your own competitor that's fine yeah
it's away
are you seeing so the giveaway I saw on
on battlbox and on um carnivore Club
um noticed the
um the gift cards on on both what's your
your gift card I know is 35 of Amazon's
business and it's a phenomenal way to to
it's a quick sale
um what is your kind of strategy I
notice you you promote them but
do you look at opportunities like have
you explored different ways to get the
gift cards in front of people
we we have to be fair I don't think
we've cracked it um we've taken a couple
couple shots at it I don't think we
because it's a very very very small
um part of part of the business like
very small
um carnivore it's slightly larger but
it's it's not very big so I would think
that it's just one of those things where
we haven't we haven't either we we
haven't given it the attention it
probably deserves or we just haven't
um the opportunity well yeah kind of
what I'm hearing there is you know it's
like any business you look at where you
can make the biggest impact on the
bottom line right and so and for you
it's your boxes yeah okay and then so
let's talk about the boxes and engaging
with your your consumers which is you
know in today's market the big focus is
look how do we it's so expensive to
bring in new consumers right now let's
focus in on our current ones and and
build from internally out on the
retention side of of our business uh
which you've done a phenomenal job you
have your Facebook group is which is
where you currently are engaging with 8
000 plus yeah eight thousand so not
everybody's in there but I mean it's it
is a value-add it's a perk of of the
membership is if you have an active
subscription box with us you can be a
part of the group and yeah it's it's the
ultimate Community Builder right people
are performing relationships on their
own in that group which is it's how you
know it's it's working the uh
the offline experience is something that
pops in my head if you consider that
like y'all you know everyone getting
their boxes going on these adventures
and have people met up and like done
trips together so they've they've
they've done it on their own quite a bit
quite frequently
um part of our call it 2024 plan is to

kind of lean into it a little bit on our
um really just focusing on
call it battlbox adventures and and
kind of leading leading the charge with
that I don't know if you follow Evo
those that crew you they're out
action sport okay they do a lot of a
community meetups and Adventures it's a
way they have a really strong following
of their brand they do a great job at it
so with that you know
even with our business we're trying to
figure out how can we engage and connect
with customers to figure out what their
needs are for you know product iteration
Innovation I I saw that you you had like
a committee that kind of helps pick the
products that go in the Box
what's does that still happen is did I
read that correct yeah so it's it's a
um so about a I guess almost two years
ago now we we wanted to really

we're not perfect right we're humans we
make mistakes we we had
um some boxes that had some items that
were just less than less than exciting
and we wanted to ensure that that never
happened again so we have quite the
process so we have
for a product to come go and go in a
battlbox we have a few different
funnels right
um we have on our site vendor reach out
um where hey you want to be in a battlbox
fill out this form and we have a you
know we have a call with them they send
us samples and then we have an internal
um internal way you can submit ideas and
and everybody is responsible every
employee at battlbox is responsible for
coming up with potential products that
could go in a battlbox
and then
um one of the the largest funnels is
um our customers so members only group
there's a Google form that they can log
into and we have contests around it to
promote its use and you can submit
submit ideas and it comes in the same
way that the other funnels do now
there's an obviously the final we have a
procurement team that goes to
um conferences events and tries to
um and scour the internet to find cool
products but we have this all this
inbound and the members only group we
had the last contest was at the
beginning of this year and we had one
customer submit 400 product suggestions
and second place was still like 200. now
besides the two of them like five six
items might have been an average but it
was just insane and so all the products
come into the funnel we test them
if if if they're
satisfactory and they they check the
boxes and we think it's a quality
product it then goes to a board so we
have on these bi-weekly meetings and
there's nine of us now
um that are a part of part of this call
and we go product by product talk
through it and then if it receives more
than one no
it's scratched
so two o's from the group and it's a
diverse group that kind of follows under
different demographics and different
ages and just
it's it's the full battlBox customer
so as we go to as we take our life cycle
marketing and you know the story of
is this story right here told uh on a
first visit or a consumer no it's not
and it should be
it should be we're constantly looking at
you know you're giving me way more
nuggets than I'm giving you that's great
we're both exercising our brains here
yeah and that's what convert that's what
retail is you you have to innovate you
have to be one step ahead figure out
what your competitive Advantage is and
really you know that that stat of you
know and I can ask you what how you're
coming this is actually my question to
ask you
where do you think you present and not
present you factor in
creating traffic you're converting
traffic to retaining that visitor and
where do your resources go towards like
if you were to rate each one one two
three and then a percentage to each so
the three options we're talking about
acquiring retaining and what was the
other converting converting
I mean there's Ebbs and flows but I
would say that they're actually
it's different resources I I would think
we haven't we have an equal front of
importance on all all three
um we were
a little bit ahead of the Cur on of the
curve on the retention and retain piece
um to us that was
arguably one of our biggest initiatives
but in like 2019 and 2020
we were focused on we wanted to retain
and have the best retention
um possible so it's become
I don't want to say it's less important
right now but we've we've we've put a
lot of process in place
back then
to so it's not I know right now
everybody's breaking out retain retain
retain but I feel like we put the stuff
in place a couple of years ago for it to
it's probably not as much of a priority
it's it's a no it's a priority but a
resource priority
um because of the stuff we put in place
it's definitely a resource priority and
it's like what gets prioritized but it
also comes from leadership and right you
know it speaks to your success with
these businesses is that as a leader you
said we need to get on this now push
your place then you move on can we dig
into that retention aspect actually I'm
curious because let's use the word
subscription that we were talking about
yeah and you know what what's your
what's what do you think lies ahead for
the future of subscription a and then B
you know retaining that subscription
subscriber obviously product leads with
it you have an incredible product so
that you're gonna naturally maintain
that but what other tools are there
yeah so there's there's a lot of a lot
that we do to unpack here
and I'll probably jump all over the
place um for a moment so so typically
that the interesting thing about
battlbox is that it is a surprise
mystery box and if you're an existing
um you don't know what's in the box
until you get it but with having the
amount of customers we do in the
um you know across North America Canada
and the US
um we have to do basically uh start on
the we ship out of Georgia start on the
um and move over because we want
everybody to get the box around the same
time because immediately as soon as the
Box drops you're gonna have 40 YouTube
and people are going to get their the
surprise ruined oh
uh logistical aspect of business you
don't think about yeah
um so because of that
we realize that
you're when you first sign up
it's not a good experience you sign up
today on on April 20th and we're not
going to ship the next mission until the
beginning of May
that starts becoming kind of not a very
good customer experience right to pay
and then not get a box for that long so
one of the things we do is when someone
signs up for a new subscription we
immediately ship that box right most
times it's going out the same the same
day Monday through Friday
um just ship them like a little like
something small just to be like a count
like similar countdown timer or
um so we we do we do kind of quickly
educate them hey your first box is on
the way yeah we're shipping it out
immediately and then we welcome through
that that Infamous timer right that sits
on our site and and setting expectations
moving forward but so that was that's a
retention piece right there uh for the
four years we did not do that they did
they did not get their box
um right away they fell in with the
Cadence and
um is is what it was it is what it is
so that's a piece um now we quickly we a
lot of our customers you know there's a
lot of touches going in before they
actually convert so many are somewhat
familiar with some of our social
channels and are already following us
engaging with us but we do quickly let
them know of all of our channels you
know what what to expect on those
channels and of course we tell them
immediately about the members only group
and the members only group well not
everybody participates we do have I I
yeah I think around 8 000 active in
there now
but with that there's a lot of value-add
um we're doing exclusive giveaways
um in there for the customers we um on
Thursdays we have a we we have buy sell
trade so you have a item that that you
want to trade or sell or
get some money like do it let us help
um and there's no benefit to us
monetarily from this we just want to
provide a safe place for them to buy
sell trade is that your is that your
baseball card
background experience coming in there
I don't know why why we have that
um will you listen to your consumers it
sounds like yeah I mean that that to be
fair they were sprouting up right so
they were sprouting up on without us and
there there's a few that that exist now
that that we don't we don't manage but
by having it in the group
you know we're not gonna be perfect and
we're not going to stop scammers or
anything like that but if you're in the
group you're a paying customer
um the likelihood of you being one of
those Bad actors that's going to scam
you doesn't really exist as as likely
does your does your app
and like help facilitate that at all
no it doesn't another thing it probably
um so no our app is mainly
um for for two things one managing your
um and two uh just digging into our
got it so we're sending you push
notifications when new videos are out
stuff like that I was gonna you know
speaking of videos I know you're big in
a video I'm huge in a video
the let's keep talking my head is is
what you're talking about is this
unboxing or is the unboxing video a big
or your your business and your community
it is it is
um so the the story and I know I haven't
we only started to touch on the
retention piece
um and on all that the tools we have on
that side but um the unboxing is is an
interesting piece so we part of our
go-to Market strategy we're talking 2015
when we launched was I think at the time
we were going to send out 20 to 30
Battlboxes and we were gonna send them
to uh YouTubers to to review that was
gonna get us some some
some content out there right and
or to you know organic content
and we are talking about something
cringe to say when it comes to
conversion rate February 2015 March 2015
almost all of 2015. we had a
pre-purchase survey don't give us your
money yet don't don't order first tell
how you heard about us um obviously we
have a post purchase survey now because
it doesn't make sense to have the
pre-purchase survey most times but we
had all The Usual Suspects right
Facebook Twitter Instagram
and uh
we had an other and what we found was
we were getting a lot of other and they
were putting this they were putting
current 1776 uh which is Brandon Curran
which is the face of our brand he was
not then
um in this other thing we were getting
20 of of our custom of these new
customers were telling us they were they
were coming from from him and we're like
we don't know who he is we jump into our
Google sheet of these 26 comp boxes
we're sending out and he's not on there
we jump into at the time we're on crate
joy as our platform this is a Prius
moving to Shopify and
he's there he's a paying customer
and he is just driving an insane amount
of traffic and we
reached out to him we said hey Brandon
nice to meet you thank you for your
business hey by the way we're going to
comp your box moving forward but keep
the reviews coming
and he's like cool and you know five six
months go by and we're like
it's continuing and we're seeing his
channel start growing as well and people
he becomes like starts becoming the
authority on the battlBox review
there's 50 people doing reviews every
month but his is the one that like is
it's it's the the leader of the pack so
we reach out to him we're like Hey we're
gonna start giving you 500 a month keep
doing the box and make sure it comes out
at a certain time and like if you have
any questions by all means like let us
know we'll happy to jump on a call and
talk about it before the review do you
need video production resources yeah
like let us know what you need
um and then the next conversation was
five or six months after that and we
said hey Brandon
um do you want to move to Georgia with
your family and just do this full-time
so he was a professional
um he's a few years older than you and I
um a couple years older he uh was
full-time career HVAC guy for for two
decades and uh at night time he had he
this was his this was his passion right
he loved he loved being in front of a
camera super super good in front of a
camera and it was far from the table he
was he was shooting he was in front he
was editing
um he had some some previous
um TV stuff he had done
um on some some hunting hunting shows
but like this was his this was his side
hustle his passion is Hobby and we said
hey man like you're really good at this
do this full-time and he did and uh
that's when our content went to the next
level we've always maintained that that
monthly unboxing the difference is it
now sits on the battlbox Channel and
it's the first always the first one to
um we we time it where it drops before
anybody else so we can also explain the
um in in the sense of how it was made
but yeah it's very very important that's
such a great story is
is there any does do those videos live I
didn't see them anywhere on your site
for for first-time visitors they do
um so if you click on what's In The Box
we outline all at this point 98 boxes
we've sent out every one when you jump
on it
um you can see that video
uh what's in your individual products
our past missions okay I did see that
Epic uh well
as we're coming up on time
um I thought maybe we could finish with
two things well well one thing really
one is clearly I think you're wait if I
were to ask you what you're most excited
about your site I would have to venture
to guess it is the 40 percent
um close rate on the the checkout with
the get the secret box I mean that's
phenomenal and given that you you know
you've got your finger on the polls
you're testing and everything
I'd like to finish if I were to ask you
one question of if next week you could
just pause everything and focus on one
element of your website experience and
you know what's happening there where
where and you can just shut everything
else out all the distractions
where would you like to go just as you
were ahead of the curve when it came to
retention where are you today like
what's nine at you at night that you'd
want to
um I think uh
it's it's funny because you had you had
asked about the
the one-time products I I would probably
go into a project on our our PDP and and

really try to customize and make the
individual product pages just an
experience in their own
um not 100 sure how we would do that but
I think that would be an initial Focus
because I think it is it
I don't want to say it's our future but
it's definitely a large opportunity that
we haven't even started scratching
yeah it's a whole Market that's really
talked about new apps emerging and like
people are recognizing like oh my God
the product page like focusing here like
this is where you know top entry points
people are coming in on and you know are
we answering the basic questions on that
um and you know it's the the core the
core purchasing uh consumer Behavior
reasons right okay well I'll check back
with you on that yeah we're doing some
testing right now on it um but it's
nothing significant to what like I think
we can do some big stuff and some cool
stuff with it where where and who are
you looking at for influence
an inspiration
you feel like are there any like in the
last bit of time really they're like oh
man that's great any elements that you
think like
um his video uh requirement on your
check box is shipping timeline is do
returns is a big one that I think people
Overlook you know whether or not it
returns are gonna be a hassle yeah we
have we have a very interesting return
policy but I I let you guess you don't
want that thing shipped back you'll cost
you more to ship it back yeah no we we
don't do returns then now every you know
there's their judge a case ad hoc
situations where um
you know but but I've officially our
policy is
we don't do them
um I think there's all kinds of places I
went down and it's it's I haven't met
um anyone from this company
but uh I've been super impressed
with them and we we play in a a similar
circle of of thought leaders and a
couple of my friends have had some good
conversations with them they're called
Avi obvi my Avi
um it's like uh health and wellness
Brands it looks like they have protein
shakes and gummies
I've seen some some really cool stuff
coming from them I went down a rabbit
hole of their their site earlier um
earlier this week
and I I I like what they're doing
um a lot of quizzes
yeah and then they're they're testing a
bunch of stuff too
um they they call their subscription
auto ship
which I thought was was really
interesting because that's so so
friendly like they're doing you a favor
they're gonna auto ship it for you
which gets into the you know the
nomenclature subscription when people we
were talking about associate it with
their Netflix bill their HBO Max build
you know their cable bill
um whereas yeah this is a convenience
for your lifestyle yeah you're welcome
we're gonna offer it to you his
auto-ship yeah you're gonna make your
life easier so we have we it based on
what we said before you know we actually
don't have the word subscribe
subscription too much in the site except
for when you hit it
um we have it above the fold in in a
sentence and it's on the menu we're
actually going to start testing
um I think this week it might have
actually already be live we're a b
um other words for that cool we'll check
back on that one
I'm gonna get in trouble if we keep
going okay sorry I could get we didn't
even we just scratched the surface on
the retention piece do you yeah yeah
pivoted somewhere else
well well why do we wrap it up for them
you know we can always have some experts
that we can we can put out later but
um you know I I think there's some good
nuggets there uh all across the board so
I hope you enjoyed the show hope you
enjoyed John thanks for for joining us
um obviously conversion shows here we're
bringing in all the experts so please
join in
um subscribe join whatever our options
are on the screen and figure it out
right there uh cool John well thanks so
much Eric thanks for having me all right