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Behind the Scenes of BattlBox’s “Out of the Box” Retention Success w. John Roman | Retention Nation

Behind the Scenes of BattlBox’s “Out of the Box” Retention Success w. John Roman | Retention Nation

by Isaac Hyman

A month ago

On this Retention Nation podcast episode, we dive into the world of eCommerce and customer loyalty with John Roman, CEO of The BattlBox Group ( . Discover how John’s innovative strategies, including golden tickets and World War II tanks, have shaped customer retention at BattlBox. Learn about measuring ROI on retention initiatives and navigating post-pandemic customer loyalty trends. Explore the power of community building in retaining customers and the role of brand partnerships in enhancing loyalty. John also shares insights into BattlBox’s subscription tiers’ retention rates and their customer retention roadmap. Tune in for an inside look at BattlBox’s journey and strategies for building lasting customer relationships.

Key takeways from this episode:
1. John Roman shares his nine-year journey with BattlBox, highlighting the importance of community building and content in retention strategies.
2. Learn how BattlBox leveraged the pandemic boom and a Netflix show to drive exponential success, and how emotional attachment led to reclaiming the brand.
3. Discover BattlBox’s unique approach to retention through experiential rewards and emotional connections with customers.
4. Delve into the complexities of measuring ROI in retention events and the strategic balance between customer delight and financial viability.
5. Explore how community building and emotional connections drive long-term customer loyalty at BattlBox.
6. Understand the impact of tiered subscription models on customer churn and retention, with insights from BattlBox’s experience.
7. Learn how strategic partnerships with brands like Zippo and Nomadic contribute to BattlBox’s retention strategies and customer loyalty.
8. Explore the stages of BattlBox’s customer lifecycle, from acquisition to advocacy, and the role of retention strategies at each stage.
9. Dive into the complexities of measuring retention success and the key strategies BattlBox employs to drive long-term customer value.
10. Gain insights into BattlBox’s future plans for enhancing customer engagement, building stronger brand bonds, and creating lasting customer value.

Transcript from video:
0:00 welcome to the retention Nation Podcast the show for e-commerce brand is looking to turn one time and sometime buyers into Lifetime and forever customers
0:06 hosted by Isaac Hyman xpp of retention and features speaker author masterclass Creator and founder of highflyer digital each episode features
0:13 successful Brands apps and experts who are sharing Cutting Edge Innovative anden email SMS and retention insights
0:18 to help them grow their business to the next level profitably our mission is to give you the retention strategies you need to unlock profitable predictable
0:24 and scalable revenue from every customer on your list let's get started [Music]
0:46 hey guys welcome back to another edition of the retention Nation Podcast super excited to have you guys here and learn
0:52 how e-commerce brands are turning sometime and onetime buyers into lifetime buyers and finally unlocking
0:59 the true Reven Potential from their customer list and creating profitable predictable and sustainable revenue
1:04 streams from their customers who wouldn't want that I know brands are trying to get the most out of their
1:10 customers and there's no better way to do that than retention as always I highly recommend
1:15 it's one thing to um listen to a podcast or watch it but highly recommend you
1:21 also get my 30030 page Playbook my email SMS Playbook which shares with you the secrets of the top brands and how
1:27 they're running their emails retention strategies thick book and uh I'm going to introduce my guest in a second I'm
1:33 going to send him a copy as well but it's definitely a great way to learn how the top brands are doing it but more
1:39 importantly than just reading a book is actually listening to The Experts and the brands who are doing it really well
1:45 and that's a great segue into our guest right now John Roman the CEO of Battl
1:50 Brands really the founder owner of BattlBrands and he has such an interesting story an interesting um
1:56 background to share with us so before I introduce him let me start teeing him up a little bit he is the CEO of Battlbox
2:02 group which consisted of Battlbox Carnivore Club in Wan low it's a $30 million e-commerce subscription
2:08 portfolio they were acquired in October 2021 but since then about a year ago
2:14 John led a group to buy back Battlbox and is now the CEO of Battl Brands which owns Battlbox they even have a
2:19 Netflix TV show called Southern survival um just that I guess the feather and the cap if you will so without further Ado
2:27 let me introduce John and John maybe you could share with us your story of where you've been over the past four years
2:33 looks like you're um Riding High and there's only uh only more to
2:38 go thank you so much for having me um and thank you for the uh the kind intro
2:44 it's uh sure it's it's wild um we've been doing Battlbox now for nine years
2:52 um yeah nine February 2015 um so as you kind of hinted it it's
2:58 been an interesting Journey so we started off and um you know really
3:04 focused on content and community building which you know as as you know
3:09 just as as good as anybody how important that is to retention strategy and you
3:15 know that was our Focus off off the Jump and those were two pillars of the business where any business decision
3:22 across the spectrum of the business we always took community and content into consideration which which I think kind
3:29 of created a a a infrastructure if you will that played well into into
3:36 retention um so the quick version we we continue to
3:42 grow we saw growth exponential growth and then 20120 came um and and you know
3:48 as in the back and forth we were we had we were talking about you know that boom that Ecom saw in the pandemic and we
3:55 were just like the majority of Brands I mean outdoor survival gear when you're
4:01 trapped in a house like people buy that um we had another brand that was cured meats shipped to your door like these
4:08 were all and so many Brands were like just the perfect wheelhouse of consumer stuck in the house what do you buy and
4:15 um we we saw you know exponential success in 2020 starting around March
4:21 when um you know the pandemic really started becoming the headline it was and
4:27 then we comboed that with the netfli TV show which came out in July
4:32 2020 um so this is like the months to kind of set the scene the beginning of
4:38 covid was the Tiger King um phenomenon they just saw everybody stuck in their
4:44 house switching to um and signing up for Netflix I mean Netflix saw that
4:50 subscriber base just go through the roof and you know we were on the the tail end
4:55 of that or the beginning you know of this new subscriber base of net
5:00 so pandemic helping sales Netflix show
5:06 definitely helping sales in traffic and and getting the brand out there and um
5:12 then we decided it was time to sell and like you've said in October 2021 we sold
5:18 Battlbox at another brand carnivore club which collectively was Battl Brands we sold it to a spack um in out
5:26 of Toronto so publicly traded company and that was supposed to be it we had a
5:32 period of time where we were going to you know hopefully hit our earnout and then figure out what's next in life um
5:40 and you know anybody paying attention to the markets the last couple years you
5:46 know the pandemic and um and post it's been a you know um the
5:52 economic I don't even know what are we are we in a recession you know it's you
5:57 can argue it right like it's it's a tough time um so if you look at any of
6:03 the spcs that came out in that time period as the one that had bought us the
6:09 story is eily similar to no fault of their own just overvalued market cap
6:14 goes down and you know from that from a a stock price that was just plummeting
6:19 to no fault of their own it created an opportunity and um we were able to in
6:26 April of last year so about a year and a half after they acquired us we were able to acquire just Battlbox we left them
6:32 with carnivore Club but just Battlbox back for you know Pennies on the dollar
6:38 of what we had sold it for previously but it was a still a very mutually beneficial um transaction they needed
6:44 some cash and we were able to to meet that need and and get our baby back and
6:50 not part of the plan but here we are we have Battlbox back and now we're doing new and exciting things with it that's
6:57 huge and that's that's very fascinating you said that because um one thing you mentioned in the podcast I I listened to
7:03 before was that you know um one of the great things about retention that you guys do is is humanizing your brand in
7:09 many ways and do you have you felt that your own personality your own um stamp on it is what drove you to say you know
7:17 let's get Battlbox back and let's Delight our customers with um you being the face of it or getting more involved
7:23 now um so I'm so I'm far far far from the face of it so we actually have a a gentleman Brandon C and and he's he's
7:30 been the face of it um for eight almost since Inception probably um eight years
7:38 at this point and it's it's a really cool story with him he was um one of our initial customers he signed up in the
7:44 beginning he was putting out content and reviews on his own um and we were seeing
7:49 traffic from it and it quickly turned into hey you don't have to pay for your box anymore you know we'll send you the
7:55 box to hey here's a check and you know please keep doing this to hey do you want to move your family down um to
8:03 Georgia with us and and do this full-time so really cool story with him
8:08 um but I think the there were two reasons we bought the business back one
8:15 purely from a a a business opportunity the the math made made sense we were
8:22 able to really have a a Payday um an exit like Benny are trying to accomplish
8:29 and then and then get the business back with with they being a considerable Delta so from a pure economic standpoint
8:36 the deal made sense the second piece um which became abundantly clear is myself
8:44 and our other partners how emotionally attached this is this is our baby um you
8:50 know and you love your baby and sometimes it's hard to let go of your
8:55 baby even when they're grown up and that's I think that's the great a great business opportunity
9:02 comboed with a a passion for this brand and the reason it's a passion for the
9:07 brand is because of the community right um and you can go into our our Facebook
9:12 members only group and see the back and forth and have some interaction with your customers just just can make your
9:18 turn your day around and make you make you have a good day and put a smile on your face and it's it's one of those
9:23 Priceless things yeah community building is so key and I definitely has seen that as part
9:29 of your retention strategy and I heard about some really Innovative retention methods you've been using such as World
9:36 War II tanks and Innovative trips and experiences uh maybe you could walk me
9:42 through exactly how you've done that how you've implemented that what was the Genesis of it and then also for Brands
9:48 out there how do you measure the ROI of that is it even measurable or is it just something great to do no so great great
9:55 question um because it's a the ROI piece is super interesting um so so we were um hitting so we call
10:04 our monthly box we call it a mission um so you know mission 12 would have been the 12th box we sent so we've been doing
10:12 this for a minute and we're getting up to our 100th Box Mission 100 um
10:17 affectionally known as M 100 and we started seeing in the beginning of the year this was the a box that was um
10:25 coming out in June in in May and um we knew knew like starting January February
10:31 there's a lot of buzz in the community about what was going to be in the Box to celebrate this H 100th box and the
10:38 expectations were not realistic like at at the end of the day I would love to
10:44 put a a brand new car in everyone's $200 subscription box but the the finance
10:51 doesn't doesn't Finance there right we business um but there was a lot of like they're going to do this they're going
10:56 to do that and we're like okay well we have to do something um and we were really focused um on and
11:03 and always focused on content um our CFO was at a industry conference Shot Show
11:11 and um I didn't go that year he stopped by this booth and they had tanks send me
11:16 a picture of the postcard or the the takeaway the the white paper if you will
11:22 and send it me was like Hey this would be a cool content opportunity maybe Brandon wants to go out here shoot tanks
11:28 you know it could help us grow YouTube and Tik Tok Channel well and somehow
11:33 between him finding that and us having conversations it morphed um completely
11:38 morphed and we saw two birds with with one stone you know um great content play
11:45 but also this could be the mission 100 thing we do and I I randomly have have it here but so this was the golden
11:53 ticket if you can see it we took we took five of these and we put them them in
12:00 five um random member boxes and uh there
12:05 were instructions on the back down on this one as a sample there's instructions on the back of they had to
12:10 reach out to a specific email address with a certain code and if you were one
12:16 of the five we we flew you to um to San Antonio Texas we met you there um hung
12:24 out with you took you out to dinner um you know spent the evening just getting to know you the next morning we loaded
12:31 you on a uh coach bus and we drove two hours in a rural Texas put all Five Guys
12:38 in um World War II Sherman tanks and one by one they shot the tanks at a Target
12:45 um downrange and if they hit the target it was a it was a a Battlbox ba
12:51 basketball um that was on top of a vehicle if they hit the basketball we were going to give them
12:57 $100,000 um it was definitely outside the box definitely super wild um and
13:05 it's it's it was just it was an interesting approach now unfortunately nobody won we wanted someone to win um
13:12 as we built it um we went with uh uh whole the equivalent of like hole in one
13:18 or or half court shot Insurance um so we paid a premium which was a lot um and then if they won they
13:28 won um so we were we wanted them to win because we had already paid for them to
13:33 potentially win and uh yeah it was super super unique now back to back bringing
13:39 this together to the retention piece you you do see giveaways all the time there's some brands that have built
13:45 their entire Persona around giveaways um and this was a little bit different so
13:53 you you see this golden ticket win $100,000 in it to to most marketers it
13:59 appears as a great customer acquisition tool we wanted to do this for our
14:07 customers and we knew that if it was positioned as an acquisition tool um its
14:13 genuiness and our message that it was for the customers would have been
14:19 misconstrued or just misinterpreted or just not not accepted for for what it really was so we took a weird approach
14:27 um on the which is our so you sign up and then your following month all
14:33 members are renewed on the 15th in the in the morning hours um so on the 15th
14:39 after renewal um where everybody has already renewed we dropped a video where
14:44 we talked about the golden tickets they're going to be in five boxes and if you're seeing this now and you're not a
14:52 customer we'd love for you to sign up but you can't win this this is this is not for new customers this is for
14:59 existing only and by waiting purposely after the renewal it made it very factual if you weren't a customer you
15:06 you weren't in the randomization you couldn't win and I think our
15:11 customers uh appreciated it and it they they could tell that it was coming from a real place that it wasn't a sales
15:19 tactic tool because the way we rolled it out there was no benefit um to us um except for you know
15:27 the the benefit of retention right and not even short-term retention metrics long-term like you know how many brands
15:35 do stuff like this not many right and maybe this is maybe this is a company I want to I want to keep my subscription
15:41 membership with so a it it was a definitely a unique approach and we're doing another one we haven't announced
15:48 yet but we're doing it in um the second half of this year it's going to be bigger and more customers and um we're
15:55 affectionally calling it BattlGames it'll be it'll be cool um I didn't
16:02 answer the last part of your question the the ROI piece it's tough right um
16:08 because you can you can compare um retention to you know you can
16:13 look at your churn in a cohort or a period of time and then you can look at it around the event um but there's so
16:22 many other variables in the mix that That Could That Could Jer and change
16:30 the the math on it like the Box could been a less exciting box in Contents one
16:36 month and that could have been the issue we could have had a we didn't but we could have had a a a slight delay in
16:42 shipping and that could there's just so many variables it's tough to isolate um
16:48 and and because of that we at the end of the day we're very conservative with a
16:54 lot of stuff we do and an example of this is we took all the we made a budget for this Mission 100 event um and we
17:02 said okay we're GNA spend X um and then we took X and we divided it by um into
17:09 um one main sponsor and five smaller sponsors where the event was not a
17:15 profit Center we actually on paper we broke even in reality we probably lost a little bit of
17:21 money um if you look at it just in a in a with blinders on it just the event but
17:28 we we sold sponsorships um to to our our partners that are we're already featuring in the Box it's a very easy
17:35 conversation we already give you hundreds of thousands of dollars then we have a little bit back and we're going
17:41 to you know bring you to the event too and have you um interact with the
17:46 customers which was cool to see like a full farma table you had the vendors you had Battlbox and then the actual end
17:52 users so so we eliminated the risk um you know you we didn't we didn't put a
17:58 value on time um but it was enjoyable and we knew even without putting a a a
18:08 value on the time we put into it we knew we were doing the right thing and it was genuinely for our customers so we knew
18:14 that if there ever is any math to be done on retention we knew it wasn't going to negatively impact
18:21 it there a long I apologize no that's a great answer I think that I mean there's no wrong answer when it comes to your
18:27 brand and and keeping your customers look but what's fascinating to me um based on what I've seen from a lot of
18:32 e-commerce brands do they tend to look at their retention strategy from a tactical or financial perspective but
18:38 you're also taking it to another level such as connecting emotionally and experientially um which then probably
18:45 helps your retention whether not it's measurable or not you know sure and and
18:51 that's you know that's our our Focus for for 2024 is and this is an interesting
18:58 one it's it's we have a probably one of our biggest focuses for this year is a retention
19:04 piece um and the entire focus overgeneralize is bring value to our
19:11 members beyond the actual physical items we're sending them and um it's it's it's
19:18 a game changer right because it most people especially in Ecom they look at in a very black and white world and um
19:26 the reality is consumers especially in the economic climate we're in um but I think it's
19:33 just true in general from from buyers they want to they want to connect with a brand to a certain extent um and if we
19:40 can if we can help create those bonds and form those bonds it's it's bigger than just you buy
19:48 item I ship you item it needs to be it has to be it should be yeah much bigger than that and and I think that um I I
19:55 learned from from the from my mentors in eCommerce said you know no one customers leave a brand all the time but they
20:02 rarely ever leave a community and uh so it seems like the community building has been really key for for you guys um you
20:08 know how has been how has your community building efforts been since the pandemic when everyone has been influx with all
20:15 these one-time buyers and historically 74% of buyers are onetime buyers and
20:20 they leave after one but you seems like the subscription business has allowed you to kind of keep customers in the
20:26 fold through your communities right yeah so it's I mean we saw our fair share of
20:31 of one-time purchases in in in the second half of 2020 and and you know the
20:37 first I guess almost all of 2021 um they they they didn't they
20:43 bought one-time products they they they weren't looking for that they were looking for um just insert item because
20:49 they're stuck in the house and um we just yes sales went up um but sales went
20:57 up and then for everybody for everybody afterwards they went down um because it was just artificial stimulation so so so
21:05 we look at it we look at that cohort in that time period there were some
21:10 learnings but we have to really dissect the buyers and better understand them because some just weren't they they
21:17 weren't Battlbox customers they were in the fact that they bought something but they weren't the makeup of of what
21:25 what we want for a a high LV highly valued customer yeah and that's that definitely
21:31 is is key you got to have that lifetime value you got to understand how you know they're going from one to two in your
21:37 case three to four or five probably you know six or seven as well um really important and and actually it prompts
21:43 the next question which is I know you have about four different um boxes in your subscription kit maybe more um have
21:50 you experienced any you know churn or retention anomalies depending on the tier they're
21:56 buying yeah so you know the four tiers um are interesting so basic Advance pro
22:02 pro plus basic um is currently 35 plus shipping plus sales tax in the majority
22:08 of states and then all the way up to the Pro Plus which is 170 plus shipping and
22:13 tax roughly 200 um um all out all in and
22:18 um they don't all behave the same way um the churn is worse um almost
22:27 proportionally uh um being the worst at the lower tiers so our best our our best
22:34 retention our least churn is the Pro Plus the 200 a month and our worst is
22:39 the the basic box um it it's which makes makes sense it's it's it's likely also a
22:46 different buyer um unrealistic expectations probably looking at it more in a transactional way um you know $200
22:53 a month is a it's a big commitment um you you really want to vet and
22:59 understand um you know what you're buying so our our Pro Plus customers um
23:04 which is more than more than half our base um they uh on average they know
23:11 about us for six months or greater before they purchase that's a it's a
23:16 long time for a um for for attribution tough um when it when it goes that
23:23 long um but yeah the the the higher average order value
23:29 the better the better the retention is yeah that's that seems to be in line with a lot of um brands that really
23:35 focus on you know they focus on smaller buyers sometimes just to get that quantity up but in reality anyone will
23:42 try anything at least once especially when it's a smaller one they'll maybe give it to a gift for a friend or or a neighbor whatever it may be but it looks
23:48 like the Pro Plus is the better fit if you're keeping customers for a long time so um good call out there and and one
23:56 thing that you mentioned before that that plays maybe a role in retention or maybe not depending on what you say you
24:03 have a lot of Brands you work with a lot of you know Zippo and uh I think I saw nomadic and you work with all these
24:08 brands that go in your boxes has that aided you with retention or has that been like you know these products maybe
24:13 a customer will become loyal to that brand and not us what do we do about that how have you kind of balanced that
24:20 yeah so so it is interesting so we we while we do have you know some big names
24:26 um I I think of uh solo stove we just featured a solo stove at the beginning
24:31 of the year and that was coming right off of their Snoop Dogg campaign so it was a very trending product so we
24:38 feature um these big big known respected Brands but we we also don't um we don't
24:46 overdo it with a single brand um there's my medic is make they make medical
24:51 supplies and we might feature them um and it's not the same item but you know
24:56 they have a catalog of hundreds of medical items we might feature them two or three times a year in total so we
25:03 really don't duplicate Brands um but we
25:09 you know I don't know if we look at it that way we want to showcase a new brand right we want them to see the value we
25:16 want to be um that that friend that friend that you ask hey what's the cool
25:22 new brand this is it so we want them to and um you know tying it together a
25:28 little bit so part of this this initiative of how do we bring additional value so we have this um new offering
25:36 called BattlVault um and it's it's it's free with membership so if you're a
25:41 member whether you're in the basic or the Pro Plus you have access to BattlVault and one of the sections of Battl
25:47 Vault are partner exclusive discounts so it's all of it's the my medic it's the
25:52 solo stoves we have um exclusive better than anything you're going to find with
25:58 a a coupon code search um coupon codes for all of our partners um so it's we we
26:07 in order for at the end of the day everybody has there's limited wallet I'm not going to say that that's not true
26:13 but I believe someone doesn't have to necessarily lose for everybody to win in
26:20 that in that little space um so so we'll we'll send traffic to them I mean they
26:26 probably gave us a a a a really good price on the items too because you know
26:33 depending on the lens you're looking at Battlbox you could strongly argue that it's a marketing engine right we get a
26:39 lot of haming up and coming brand I'd love to be in Battlbox and and we've done smaller Brands sometimes comes with
26:47 its own challenges but you know we have we have case studies like it's it's pretty cool like we literally changed
26:55 the the how their chart was going and and it's it's kind of cool to see oh wow
27:00 you put it on so many eyeballs and you changed the momentum of our business so
27:05 it's I don't know everybody can win yeah that's a great call out I know
27:11 I work with um a lot of retailers that work um with other brands and they sell other brands and it's really um a rising
27:17 tide lifts All Ships and you can also see that brand would leverage your audience to maybe launch new products or
27:23 get new um initiatives out to your base potentially um as a tri run and then
27:28 vice versa maybe so it really helps everyone it's like a flywheel effect right helps bring in new customers to
27:34 everyone yeah so um I know that you guys have done a ton of big big projects and big retention strategies which is
27:40 amazing uh what would you say is a number one strategy you would want to implement this year um yeah that maybe
27:46 you didn't get a chance to or that it struck out maybe you know seven eight years ago that you'd love to try now and
27:52 what's what would be on that retention road map so so something we're we're we're touching again that it seems to be
28:00 working we've had some success in other parts of the business but um some automation with direct mail it's it's
28:08 something that um we we've been testing you know different versions of it um
28:14 over the the past six eight months and we're seeing a lot of success with it but it's it would be this year about
28:20 turning it up a notch finding the the right touch points when is when is the
28:25 right time to to try to um keep someone warm or or bring them back um you know
28:32 it for years it Direct Mail was was you know a staple for everybody and then it
28:38 went through a dark period where it really wasn't behaving and working um like he used to and you know we're
28:44 seeing this Resurgence where all of a sudden the effectiveness of it is is increasing and I think I think adding it
28:51 into your your retention Playbook is is is a smart move huge that's great to have and it
28:58 really goes in line with your business it seems right that experiential approach you know let's get off just the
29:04 e-commerce side which is important but also having a different tactic you know more multi Channel approach to taret
29:10 yeah on channel right it's working the messaging there is working with the SMS and the email like it's all coming
29:16 together cohesively yeah huge amazing um so I I know that we're about a time if uh
29:23 you're an e-commerce brand who's listening to this um any words of advice or tips or some sort of initiative that
29:29 you would recommend um for a brand to start you know implementing right
29:34 away um it's a tough it's a tough question on
29:40 just picking like one one thing um I I would say pure out of I mean it's
29:48 you don't have a choice at this point but but focusing on on better
29:54 segmentation with with email and and being more unique in email that by you
30:01 know not by choice but like the days of blasting everybody in your list are long gone but now with you know all the
30:07 changes that are made it's even more important I would say um just spending the extra time digging in or finding
30:15 someone to help help you dig in um on the email piece and your audience and
30:20 better understanding segments and having specific flows for specific segments and
30:25 and and being more personalized in your your emails huge finding the right person
30:31 sending them the right message yeah exactly it um any last words You' like to share about Battlbox or anything
30:36 you'd like to uh give our our listeners no this was this was really fun um uh I
30:43 have a Blog um it's 80% me 20% guests but
30:48 it's um kind of the focus on it is talking about this industry but not in
30:55 the the the the toxic way others do where it's all just about the wins um
31:01 there's there's typically more losses for everybody and the the important thing of the losses is that's where you
31:07 learn um so we try to focus on the blog on on high highlighting the the
31:12 learnings that that go along the way that lead to the hope for
31:18 wins huge that's great to see it's a good insight into how you run the
31:23 business how your brand has grown so far to have just you know e-commerce side
31:28 tactical and experiential and emotional connection you have with your customer so really thanks for being here John it
31:33 was great kind of connecting with you and talking about how you're doing it right well I I really appreciate this
31:39 was fun thank you so much for having me no problem so uh thank you again for listening to the another episode of the
31:44 retention Nation Podcast as always highly recommend you focus on doing what John's doing which is excelling and
31:50 turning those one time and sometime buyers into lifetime buyers your brand will love you for it and your customers
31:56 will love you even more thanks for listening thanks for listening to the retention Nation Podcast if you enjoyed
32:02 this episode please be sure to subscribe and join our retention Nation Facebook group if you want to put this week's retention strategy into action within
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