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#010 How a Marketing Expert Would Use $100 w/ BattlBox CMO, John Roman

#010 How a Marketing Expert Would Use $100 w/ BattlBox CMO, John Roman

by Stefan Pretty

3 years ago

Welcome back budding rockstar! On this episode Stefan interviews John Roman of BattlBox and Carnivore Club. John is a marketing genius and helped grow BattlBox to $6M in year 1, and over $55M in revenue since launch.

Transcript from video:

this is a special episode for the
subscription rock stars podcast because
first of all we're in quarantine second
of all this is the studio so it's quite
interesting I don't know what you think
of sublease to do is coming from
quarantine and also I'm doing a second
interview somebody who I already know
and I'm very fond of his name is John
Roman and John and I did a podcast on
when I was doing some to sound podcast
was it two years ago now two years ago
yeah yeah I think yeah and John and I
connected on that podcast and then we
met a sub-sub summer as well last year
and also another reason this is a
special episode this is actually the
first podcast episode that wasn't
published a because of crota virus and
be from the last sub summit so this is
the beginning of a new stage in this the
subscription rockstar podcast and
additionally this is the tenth episode
so it's a cool one it's a pivotal one so
thanks for doing this John and I'm just
gonna give the formal introduction as
well if you don't mind get to to just
quickly and make sure everybody knows
who you are
so John Roman currently serves as chief
marketing officer of battle books a
managing partner of Carnival Club prior
to five years ago and John entered the
e-commerce subscription space he was in
business to business sales managing
multiple terms so I teams in the
technology and software space now I can
tell you from personal experience Jordan
is an absolute weapon and he knows his
stuff and the bow box guys and I've done
an extremely good job and are a very
successful company and the carnival club
as well which you probably have heard of
them to be honest if you if you're
listening to this podcast so John thanks
for joining them on yeah thanks for
having me I'm honoured with all the the
reasons it's such a paramount episode
I'm uh I'm honored that yeah well you
know when when it's done alright I feel
like as I said it's a pivotal episode we
have an existing relationship which
really helps and you know I felt like it
would be good fun as well just to kind
of revisit and do four
official stubbly and podcast so and also
as well I just want to mention something
so in our previous episodes
the format was a little bit different
I'm actually gonna mix it up on this
episode where previously you know we've
we've interviewed people of similar
caliber to yourself and we tend to go
into more of like the top level like the
trials and tribulations and and those
are kind of lessons I've been learned a
later stage in the business now I know
you your marketing genius so I want to
bring it back a bit okay and I want to
actually start to talk to you about like
the early stages of over-over business
and e-commerce business and we kind of
like we made some mistakes so yeah

basically just want to dive into a bit
more of the tactical stuff and kind of
principles very like first level
principles and and kind of reverse
engineer a wee bit about about battle
boats but before we do can you share a
couple of vanity metrics just to kind of
really give people a picture of they
don't know battle books
sure so we started battle box in
February of 2015 it was perfect timing
to enter the subscription box space the
survival tactical space was trending as
well so it was kind of a double-edged
sword we had two trending topics space
spaces and we were able to capitalize on
both so we kind of hit the ground
running I think the first year we did
just north of six million in revenue
will hit we just so I think surpassed
maybe this month or next 55 million
since inception you also hit a million
packages shipped this year so we've
we've seen exponential growth crazy
journey who would have thought lots of
mistakes and and bruised knees and
those and busted faces along the journey
but um you know we built a machine at
this point and taken all our learnings
and and just gotten stronger through the
years that's yeah that's some serious
attraction right there I also love her
the name battle box okay I kind of I
romanticized the name of the business
even though it's related to what it's
related to by like the fact that it's
kind of like you know we're
entrepreneurs we start we start
businesses and you're your bat you're in
a battle it feels like you're in a
battle every day so I love that because
it's kind of like a romantic aspect of
it for me personally anyway sure so
correct me if I'm wrong given the nature
of your subscription box and your
products are you seeing an impact from
coronavirus and by the way to the
listeners are the viewers you were on
our last chrono episode and giving you
gave us like some really good
information about the impact of
coronavirus so if you're listening check
out the episode do you have any
additional comments and you if you can't
be really good to hear that
sure so so as I said on the last podcast
when we were talking about the Creta
virus it definitely creates an
opportunity and um you know since since
I recorded that which I guess was a
couple weeks ago we've just stepped into
the opportunity even when we're a little
fortunate you know survival outdoor gear
it's our whole mantra is is preparing
for for that you know [ __ ] hit the fan
moment right so literally five years in
the making is for situations like this
um so we are a little fortunate that
it's a it's a product that that is
something people want you know we have
right now we're selling up about a
thousand units a day on this this foam
which is an alternative to hand
sanitizer but it's a product we would
normally carry and sell and right now
it's just you know it's it's a product
everybody needs everybody wants so we
are fortunate in that sense
same with carnivore
Club me delivery to your door right now
is is kind of a gift good product to
have no um so you know not not all
online e-commerce businesses are that
fortunate enough that they picked a
product that you know strives or
potentially strives in a situation like
this so we're continuing a lean an
advertisement advertising we've scaled
our average spent for battle box we've
scaled slowly we're we're definitely
conservative when it comes to to
situations like this but we've doing
some quick math we've probably increased
our daily spend by about five hundred
percent for for battle box which is when
it's already a decent spend to begin
with in my opinion um and then carnivore
Club this is typically a very slow time
because it's in between Valentine's Day
and Father's Day mmm slowest time to be
here typically what we're seeing q4
numbers so our our spend is actually
increased even more than that on the
carnivore side just because there's such
a low baseline anyway okay yeah I see
what you're saying relative to what
normally is at this period yeah I mean I
can tell you that it's 2,000 percent
increase but it's such a glow baseline I
think anyway it's it's it's not really
relevant but um yeah I as far as things
we've had to do a little bit different
our normal messaging for battle box
which which talks about you know that
moment and being prepared we've actually
had to kind of pull back a lot of our
messaging that we've used over the last
five years just put it back a little bit
because it was it was aggressive
I'm not fear-mongering or anything like
that but just simply saying you know
prepare for any scenario mm-hmm now we
we can't say prepared for any scenario
because the internet trolls will come
volcon running you're you're only doing
this because of coronavirus exploitation
opportunistic 100% I mean we're getting
on every so we had to scale scale it
back a lot because our normal messaging
is not something you want to use right
now it so it's a very sensitive topic
for everyone let's us included you know
you don't want any company do doing that
taking a minute of a situation so it's
an it's interesting waters that no one's
ever kind of had go through before so
it's we're finding our place we've got
some floaties on and we're trying to
figure it out but it's it's it's an
opportunity for for businesses at this
point yeah and do you think that you
know by adjusting and adapting right now
in the in this environment will lead to
a stronger business at the end of it
when it when it starts to you know ease
up and things start to quote unquote
return back to normal which bit of a
subjective conversation alone but do you
think it will lead to a stronger
foundation moving forward yeah so I
think you know we we were fortunate that
we we brought on a new CFO a little

little over a year ago
October of 2018 and he really gave us a
a gut check and started immediately
plugging a lot of the holes in our ship
that could be you know wasteful spent on
inefficient spend so so we were already
kind of already moving towards being a
very lean operation to begin with but I
think this situation is causing a lot of
companies that haven't gone through
those type of exercises yet to go
through not go through them now because
it's it's it's needed for survival and
and you do need to be lean probably in
general wasteful spending is never a
good idea in my opinion
and I mean if it's a lifestyle business
and you don't care it is what it is
right if you want to truly grow a
business and run a business the correct
way you shouldn't have that sort of
wasteful spending in there so I think a
lot of businesses right now are being
forced to go through that exercise and
get lean and not be wasteful and I think
the end result will be there will be a
much healthier business and when we do
return to normalcy there will just be in
a better more profitable better run spot
bra so it's kind of the silver lining in
all this assuming we do we do return to
normalcy like you said it's just a whole
nother podcast yeah yeah and I guess you

know let's not dive into too much more
than that but I think that you're right
about the trimming I think that it's
very easy when you get to a certain
stage in a business where you get this
kind of expense creep where things just
slowly build up and you don't realize it
because it's very easy to make decisions
when you've got cash flow and growth and
that you know and there's two sides to
this I see people spending so much
energy and time on spending less and
saving money and I think it's a
double-edged sword though because you
know on the other side you've got the it
can be quite a limiting mindset to
always focus on saving money rather than
making more sure and this is something
I'm quite passionate about but a hundred
percent like you got to trim the fat
every now and again to make sure you're
running lean because I think if you
don't you might just end up in a really
bad position later yeah I understand I
agree it's not it's one of those things
you spend too much time on it I mean
counterproductive you're not focused on
growing the business and matter it's a
fine balance you know sure cool yeah so
okay Karuna excited I'm sure everybody's
sick of hearing about Corona I want to
like let's do a bit of a Mary McFly and
going to time machine back to the
beginning of battle books right and I'm
just thinking like I would quite like to
get into you know younger John and
and you have you how many cofounders of
you go there's there's two letters two
of those okay so the three be together

well you know we did go in a time
perfect definitely a marketing guy so

you know now we've got another time
machine three of you are together you
know Band of Brothers like if you were
to go back and think about what do you
think like what do you think are the
reasons for the success of battle box
sure so because it might destroy you
people well distract me I'm like I'm
like the dog like squirrel is quite

comical a little bit so I think I think
timing timing is always is always a part
of the equation and I think you know the
subscription box craze that was going on
and it was you know at a high point in
early 2015
so I think that was definitely that was
definitely a part of it and then again
the survival outdoor space was was
trending as well so I think a lot of it
was timing okay the the most interesting
part so so my business partner Daniel
dabs he's he's the guy that that he
serves as a CEO he's a guy came up with
the idea and I think telling the story
of how the idea came it really probably
to a lot of listeners it'll it'll be a
moment of hey how do you come up with a
great idea so his is his wife at the
time was getting a birch box in the mail
and he'd watch her do the monthly
unboxing she'd open it up to be the
excitement you can see the emotions and
it led to him saying hey I want a box of
for myself why would a subscription box
so he's big big outdoor enthusiasts and

he couldn't find
hmm simply couldn't find one and and
that's how I was born it was hey I want
this for myself I wonder if there's
anyone else that wants us to surely
there is and we you know we quickly
found out that and that was the case
mm-hmm this was this was a niche that
was not served or not certain well now
since there's tons of competitors and
the rest is history but it was it was
that moment of finding something for
yourself and something you wanted and
rising it doesn't exist and and that's
that's that aha moment of opportunity
this is basically kind of like a scratch
or a niche situation yeah okay and and
so does sounds so simple but it also

sounds so was trying to put this it

sounds like it's not something that you
can necessarily control now do you have
any advice for somebody who may be
wanting to start a subscription or
e-commerce business in general who is
looking for that right timing and you
know you know the right the right niche
as well like jarred demand so so I think
for any commerce business not or a

subscription business I think in general
for the business to have the potential
be more successful like just super
successful I think there has to be some
passion right and I don't think most
people are capable of having passion for
something that doesn't interest them to
a certain degree mm-hmm so I think you
you look for your everyday life and the
things you're doing whether it's in your
current job current work or your
personal life or your hobbies I think
you find something in the mix of stuff
you're already doing that you're already
in Julie
and and and look for any there you know
when when you're when you're trying to
do something and there's not a solution
in place or something takes too long or
you see something cool and you wish it
was different I think you pay attention
to those moments to find find that
opportunity because it's there it's so
it's so hard but to sit down and say
really come up with ideas right now
right let's launch business and come up
with a bunch of ideas I think that's at
such a difficult way to do it I think
it's it's more just pay attention to
your surroundings pay attention to the
opportunity that's that's crossing you
know your desk your your everyday life
yeah I think it's funny because people
you know it's almost like a blind spot
sometimes I think maybe you realize or
recognize the opportunity to sing right
in front of them yeah I think is it's
quite really it's a really important
point I actually the you know it's about
passion rather than just chasing dollars
and trying to come up with an idea as
you said because it's all about
execution anyway and and the market
decides at the end of the day yeah so if
you're not passionate where are you
gonna get that fuel isn't in you yeah
exactly because is it you know it takes
so long and to really get to that point
where you've got this dream in your head
I think and should never be
underestimated even though we always do
it I'd I know I did with simply 100% did
you guys do the same hundred percent
yeah it's it's easy to yeah and and and

and are there any like mistakes or
realizations that were painful that you
you think like they were the most
important realizations after you'd
already launched and you were kind of in
it and you're like oh wait this isn't
gonna go the way I expected to but I
still love it and you know this is what
I'm learning from it yeah so there were
the biggest biggest mistake we made and
we were able to move past it and learn
from it greatly but it was in that first
year with with advertising
you know none of us had run ecommerce
businesses subscription businesses like
this before so you know is this is a
huge learning curve right we're kind of
you know learning as we go
baptism by fire mmm and you know we
launched advertisements on Facebook
right away like most businesses do
better in the the directed consumer
space so we saw wild success right away
in in facebook you know wiring cost it's
2015 so you know you can acquire a
customer for a couple of dollars back
then and we were just growing that as

much as we could and that was where all
of our traffic came from all of our
conversions came from and we just had
blinders on at the time in naivety too
to think that we were really a business
at the moment because we weren't we were
100% dependent on someone else which is
a business but if something changes
would be one variable you're in a really
bad spot and we had our advertising
account on shut down on a Friday at 6
p.m. on Labor Day weekend there gonna be
this huge huge huge sale so he went from
traffic traffic sale sale sale sale
sales to learn literally nothing our
house yeah and uh you know getting over
Facebook pissed off we were back on
probably close to a week later but we
went from you know sales and traffic to
literally zero overnight because we were
a new brand so we didn't have all this
SEO and organic and and buzz and an
article written about us at the time we
were just dependent on one platform
I think I'm not to derail too much but
it's very similar to uh these these
businesses that are selling exclusively
on Amazon mm-hmm
right and this coronavirus thing happens
and amazon says okay we're no longer
accepting shipments I think they said
they are changing it this week finally
but for you know over a month we're not
accepting any shipments from any sellers
if it's not an essential product hmm I
mean if your business is 100% depend on
Amazon that what do you do yeah you're
literally just out of luck and if you
sell out you can't you can't sell any
more until Amazon lifts which they're
just doing this week so I think it's
it's the same thing it's you have to
diversify you have to have multiple lead
sources you can't be dependent on on
someone else
any words not a true relationship
partnership right yeah yeah I think this
goes back to kind of like marketplaces
in general it's just it should be part
of a an overall marketing strategy
similar to the situation with the ads as
you said yeah that's a tough lesson yeah

it was a good one because we buddy am

unit immediately as soon as we got back
on Facebook our conversations were okay
what is this Google what is this AdWords
thing misty back to you and you know
let's let's let's do some some
advertising on Twitter and it forced us
immediately to to diversify and have
that disaster recovery where we're not
dependent on one source I think is it's

important for people to remember when
they're going through [ __ ] to you know
remember that there is a lessons and
there's something positive that is
probably gonna come by the other side
yes I mean you've got it there's got to
be a silver lining a learning experience
and everything yeah I think I think you
have to take those his experiences and
make the tweaks so let's imagine you're

a chef right you're a chef now and if
you had all these ingredients to
you know it's described how a successful
brand works right
what especially from our acquisition
perspective and when I say acquisition I
mean getting customers
what would you say those major
ingredients are you know ideas and just
just buzzwords to kind of kick it off
like value props and positioning etc and
make sure so I think the most important

piece of piece of the puzzle is is truly
knowing knowing and identifying your
demographic and and being being a part
of that being a family a community and
it goes from just your your daily
interaction your to your prospects and
customers to to the experience of when
they buy you have to separate yourself
you have to especially in the
subscription box space it's it's
becoming less and less about this this
item and this item only being an item
you need to have this experience in this
community in this this group and I think
that's that's probably the most
important thing when it comes to this
you know as a chef and I'm cooking up
this dish like the experience that's
that's what matters and if you know if
you're you're at my restaurant I'm
serving you it's that that would be the
ambience right how the food's presented
it's all those intangibles that that
lead to you know at the end of night
saying wow holy [ __ ] you know what a
great dinner mmm it's not just the food
there's so much there's so much more to
it and I think we we kind of gonna say
quash but yeah I mean that that's what
it is and I think um buyers and
consumers are almost starting to expect
that now mmm
the games been been risen and and
leveled up and I think that's that's
that's the main ingredient yeah
everything else so so and when you're
thinking about like gang those very
first customers
and I think it sounds like you actually
are I needed at an advantage at that
early stage actually with regards to
your answer to this question it's about
the experience the the overall wow
factor you have more control over that
at the early stage right yeah yeah yeah
it's it's super manageable at that point
I remember we we'd be on on Facebook and
someone would post something in in
either myself or Daniel or Patrick our
third partner Reena we'd be we'd be
interacting it was it was enjoyable this
was this was our passion this was our
product and we wanted to talk talk about
their experience talk about obviously if
they're buying this box where we
probably have very similar hobbies and
we're outdoor enthusiasts um so we
quickly form this community know and I
think I think you have the best shot of
doing that in the beginning but while
it's manageable while it's you know a
couple hundred or a couple dozen
customers hmm and that's the thing
you're creating this community and then
you know you you then tell your friends
right energy it just starts this organic
snowball yeah yeah definitely I feel
like some people you know first-time
entrepreneurs and I and I see this in
the community sometimes not that often
but people who like they started the
business and the ego creeps in quickly
and you know happens to us all but
there's that kind of like oh I don't
deal with the customers like and some
people were thinking like how can I hire
someone to do CES customers abour a very
early stage and really that's you
basically giving up your your best lens
into what the experience is being
perceived as by the customer but also
you know the the connectedness with the
community as well which is really
valuable for them as well and and I want
to say something when I see that by
doing so I'm so glad the use of it yeah
it's it's it's it's natural to think and
it's probably it's probably the same
argument we're talking about winning the
business is spending too much time on it
um yeah you can definitely be
counterproductive if you spend six hours
of the day in in facebook comments and
not doing mission-critical things for
the business I think there is a balance
a prime example a couple hours ago
actually I you know I I allocate little
15-minute spots throughout the day to
just get a pulse in and grab it and I
opened up Facebook and you know there
are a couple hundred comments from from
last night when we were sleeping so
opened it up and this is about seven
o'clock my time mmm
and I go to the first one that was baby
from a couple hours ago and my business
partner Daniel kid already responded
because it tells you who who did the
it wasn't RCS team it was Daniel you'd
already beat me to it um but it's that
it's you've got you've got to stay
grounded you've got to stay engaged and
you want to have the pulse and
relationship with these people
yeah cuz that just by it's not just
buying a product yeah definitely for as
long as it's physically possible if not
forever if you can possibly do that
right um okay so I actually have a very
more of a tactical question actually
right now and I need to change gears
here because I really want want to hear
this and I'm sure the listeners do as
well but you know and I hate storing the
clothes for going with this question
know at the beginning of it because I
think it's kind of cliche or like I've
used it too many times but the
precursors of the question is if you
were starting out again what would you
do like tactically like principle wise
as well so like you know are you gonna
what advertising channels would you go
to what approach would you take does
that make sense because I feel like a
lot of people don't really know where to
start when it comes to gang those first
customers so they had the idea they got
the passion they've got the experience
they've got the product they've got the
box hold on
but what next like people really get
stuck with this like taking this leap
into actually acquiring customers and
that what would you suggest so so
obviously touching again on this story I
toured a little bit ago about the
Facebook piece on the job testing
everything on you know take that if your
budget is Zack's if I didn't know a few
pieces that test everything I think we
were we were scared to scale as fast as

possible you know we were in in
retrospect in hindsight now five years
later if if we if I knew we it was 2015
and we're acquiring customers for five
dollars a piece
I literally would have taken every
called every friend and I would have I
would have put bought as many as I could
for $1 apiece no I think I think it's
and it's easy to say in hindsight but
that's why it's good advice is that
while you're having the moderate mild
success it's it's also human nature just
for to become complete complacency and
just you think that it's just gonna
continue like this mm-hmm and and you
have to take advantage of that situation
and strike while the opportunity exists
because it goes away so so those are the
two biggest things one try everything
like every medium possible snapchat
Twitter tik-tok Facebook Instagram
Pinterest just go podcasts as soon as as
soon as you you grow to a point they can
you know have that sort of budget yeah
and try everything and when you see any
kind of success go go go on it figure
out sourcing the additional
and in ordering that all get the sales
you figure out the rest right yeah
exactly get started get the customer in
the door first then you figure out it's
a harder person I agree with that it's
really hard for people to see that I
think because they're so involved with
the passion of the product you know
they're the experiences we're talking
about but what if you only had say a
hundred bucks right now this we do see
this like people who are like what would
you do if $100 if you had it how would
you use $100 to get a customer I mean
that's not gonna go far with advertising
let's be honest it's not and when you're
when you're when you're testing it can
go it can go by really really quickly I
mean you do have time though I would say
like you either have money or you have
time like it seems to be at that early
stage just one or the other and I think
you know 100 dollars isn't gonna go far
in advertising but maybe you have some
time what we are there are there any
suggestions John yeah so if you only
have $100 in you know test it maybe just
test it on Facebook right and that's the
place or maybe just test it on Google
Ads for maybe a very defined search
someone's searching for the specific
keywords that is your product maybe
that's where it's best back um but if
you have time and we had time so we did
this because we were bootstrap we didn't
take any funding this was earn money
we were we were on on reddit threads we
were in forums
um just and it was us it wasn't like we
were some troll account we were saying
hey we just started this there's this
monthly subscription box called battle
box we were we were literally old-school
guerilla marketing the equivalent of you
know walking around your neighborhood
with with flyers but we were doing it
online talking to the community it

sounds like it was a very community
driven approach in that sense like the
people basically helped design your your
business right back and in we listened

so I think I think if you don't if you
only have $100 you know yeah test it on
one platform try to get some success and
and some revenue to try other places but
if you have time it's just as valuable
of an asset
no there's doesn't matter what product
you is you have there's there's a
Facebook group about it I think Facebook
did a commercial about like I don't know
if they had it over there but blossom
here in the States Facebook did it was
it was weird it wasn't underwater
basket-weaving but it was something like
very very nation might have been a
musical instrument but it was something
and it's a Facebook commercial and the
the lady are the protagonist and the
commercial she finds a Facebook group to
find everyone else into it there is a
Facebook group for everything this isn't
a group for everything sure not there's
so many forums that are dedicated to
that one topic or hobby and I think
those are your ideal customers anyway
mm-hmm let I'm gonna let him know we
were doing in and you'll be amazing
people just want to help just because
you're a like-minded individual because
you have a similar hobby there are no
posted places though no no help spread
it just because it's that community yeah
definitely we have a Facebook group as
well and it's it's definitely been a
really great resource for being
community driven as a product and I
wonder percent that I believe like I
would probably take this exact approach
that you're saying now knowing how all
this seems to work right but um one
thing I will say is a copy I have you're
thinking about joining our group told my
self promote I know John said and I'm
saying it but don't do are much more

open like are less moderated

okay so I know you're trying on time and
we've been talking for quite a bit
because obviously we've gotten some
really interesting topics but I'm gonna
I'm gonna dive into this one which is
really close to my heart which is about
mental health and business now you know
starting a business is difficult like
really hard probably one of the hardest
things you can possibly do you know for
you there's three of you together which
probably made the dynamic a little
different to my experience as a solo
founder you know what suggestions you
have for handling the the pressures the
strains and the the self-doubt that
comes with starting a business so so
it's tough I think the word of the our
community I think you you have to so I
got very OCD when when I have everything
on my calendar and I'm I'm managing my
day Becky does have to do that um
blocking off time for for for self
self-love personal of friends like you
got it you got it like that in there I
think when you're starting when you're
starting a business is already not
enough time in the day I think something
you have to make time for your friends
for your loved ones if you like playing
a video game for that for whatever
passion and hobby outside of it it's not
in the business you have to make time
for that and I think I think setting
those expectations in the beginning just
like you're setting expectations for
your business and you're building this
this narrative you have to make time
because it's easy just to sit in front
of the computer and and lose track of it
and it's a it's a slippery slope with
work/life balance and I think you have
to make time make initially a priority
yeah it's an equal equal priority as
crazy as is to say now it's not the same
it's not the same amount of time you
definitely still have to invest a lot of
time in the majority and in the business
but make time through throughout it all
for for poor friends and family and
other hobbies because if you don't do it
in the beginning you'll just it'll start
not happening at all
guilty it's hard like is it creeps as

well and you find suddenly you're you're
feeling more and more anxious or
whatever your symptoms are of not taking
care of yourself and then suddenly
you're like oh yeah oh yeah I need to I
need to make more of a priority again so
it's kind of like an ongoing processes
and well look man this has been a really

great interview and as I said I know
you're busy so I appreciate you taking
the time out and thank you so much for
being a part of the of the subscription
rocks our podcast now if there's any any
anywhere that someone you know where
listeners can find use like if you got
like a trailer hundl or something you
want to share right now
yeah just-joan room my giant siege on
middle initial hem is in Martin had
King Johnny Browns on Instagram hey it's
the gums the place fun make sure you
give him a follow he's a legend and you
wouldn't regret it so yeah thank you so
much again man and rock on okay thanks

for having me man
yes of course of course we'll be talking
again soon stay safe

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