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My use of ChatGPT this week

My use of ChatGPT this week

by john roman

A year ago

Out of pure curiosity, I decided to log every time I used ChatGPT in a week.
Not a ton of use, but it serves it's purpose.  Below is a breakdown of every time I used the tool and how: 

Monday - February 27th

Use #1:

We are working on a long form with support short form series regarding EMPs.

We were done filming and came up with the structure and plan for the videos, but were struggling on the right title for the long form.

Asked ChatGPT for some potential titles.  Explained what we were discussing in the video, that it was long form, and that it was for YouTube.  It supplied us 10 potential titles.  

Next we followed up and asked which titles were best for SEO purposes and it narrowed the list down to 5 and gave the reasoning on those 5.

Two of them were GREAT titles, so we created a quick poll in our video Slack channel and we quickly had a winner selected.

Tuesday - February 28th

Use #1:

I was making a post on LinkedIn / Twitter and was struggling to articulate the benefits of having fun at work.  Pulled Up ChatGPT and asked for a single paragraph about the topic in a certain type of voice and a certain tone.

There were 2 sentences in the paragraph that I really liked.  I took those 2 sentences and slightly tweaked them so they were more in my voice.

Wednesday - March 1st

Use #1:

Writing a post on LinkedIn and feel like I am missing a critical part as I am trying to articulate the importance of customer experience in ecommerce while also trying to tie it to customer experience in the airline industry.  Needed some ideas, so went to ChatGPT.

Ended up adding a full paragraph after my paragraph from the post.

This paragraph explained exactly what i was going for.

Use #2:

Working with Walter on an SEO project for the site.  Looking for 2000 word descriptions for some of our collections and struggling to come up with that many words.  Walter leaned on ChatGPT for this.  First ‘L’ we took with ChatGPT.  The 2000 word descriptions it came up with, even with a lot of guidance, were still falling short on what we were looking for.

Thursday - March 2nd

Use #1: 

We were working through a template email we can send to vendors explaining the value that BattlBox brings via marketing (it’s a lot and it’s really cool).  Was again struggling with the structure of the email so gave some instructions to ChatGPT to see what it could come up with.  Did not like the results and after a few tweaks, was still not impressed.  Ended up aborting use and worked on it ourselves.


In Summary, not too much use this week and none of the use case was groundbreaking.  The tool simply currently exists for us as a tool that can occasionally allow us to run faster.


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