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7 Months Using Kroger Boost: An In-Depth Review of 30 Delivered Orders

7 Months Using Kroger Boost: An In-Depth Review of 30 Delivered Orders

by John Roman

2 weeks ago

Since my initial review of Kroger Boost, I've continued to rely on this delivery service for my grocery needs. Over the past seven months, I've had 30 orders delivered, and the experience has been overwhelmingly positive. With only one potentially negative incident and a few minor hiccups, Kroger Boost has proven to be a reliable and convenient solution for my grocery shopping. Here’s an in-depth look at my journey with Kroger Boost, highlighting key experiences, pros, and cons.

Introduction to Kroger Boost

Kroger Boost, the subscription-based delivery service from Kroger, promises to make grocery shopping easier and more convenient. Subscribers receive unlimited free delivery on orders over $35, as well as other benefits such as double fuel points and exclusive savings. In my initial review, I put Kroger Boost to the test, evaluating its service quality, delivery speed, and overall value. Now, after seven months and 30 orders, I’m ready to share my updated insights.

Transition to Exclusive Delivery Use

One of the most significant changes since my last review is my complete transition to using Kroger Boost for all my grocery needs. Initially, I used the service occasionally, but as I grew more impressed with its reliability and convenience, I decided to rely solely on Kroger Boost for grocery deliveries. This transition has saved me a considerable amount of time and effort, allowing me to focus on other priorities.

Order Delivery Experiences

Out of the 30 orders delivered, 29 were handled by Kroger, while one was delivered by Instacart. The Instacart delivery was a special case where I needed the groceries at a specific time, and Kroger’s slots were fully booked. Fortunately, this particular order didn’t include any perishable items, so the delivery method wasn’t an issue. Overall, Kroger’s delivery service has been consistent and reliable, with only one minor incident.

Delivery to a Neighbor’s House

The only potentially negative situation occurred when one of my orders was delivered to a neighbor's house, just two houses down in our cul-de-sac. Luckily, I noticed the delivery status on my phone and quickly investigated. I found the groceries at my neighbor’s doorstep and retrieved them without any further issues. This minor hiccup didn’t deter my confidence in the service, as it was resolved quickly and didn’t impact the quality of the delivered items.

Handling of Out-of-Stock Items

A common issue with grocery delivery services is dealing with out-of-stock items. In my experience with Kroger Boost, about half of the orders included at least one item that was out of stock. In approximately half of these cases, an acceptable replacement was provided. While it’s not ideal to have items out of stock, the availability of suitable replacements helped mitigate the inconvenience. The other half of the time, when no replacements were available, was a bit disappointing but understandable given the circumstances.

Overall Satisfaction with Kroger Boost

Despite a few minor issues, my overall satisfaction with Kroger Boost remains high. The convenience of having groceries delivered to my doorstep, the quality of the products, and the reliability of the service have all contributed to a positive experience. The time saved by not having to visit the grocery store is invaluable, and the consistent delivery performance has made Kroger Boost a staple in my household.

Comparing Delivery Services: Kroger vs. Instacart

While Kroger handled the majority of my deliveries, the one order fulfilled by Instacart provides an interesting point of comparison. Instacart’s delivery was punctual and efficient, but I prefer Kroger’s direct service for its seamless integration with my shopping habits and preferences. One of the standout advantages of Kroger Boost is that the groceries arrive on a refrigerated Kroger truck, ensuring that perishable items remain fresh. This is a significant benefit compared to Instacart, which does not use refrigerated vehicles for delivery.

Exclusive Benefits of Kroger Boost

Subscribing to Kroger Boost comes with several exclusive benefits beyond just free delivery. The double fuel points have been a significant advantage, helping me save on fuel costs. Additionally, the access to special savings and promotions has added extra value to the subscription. These perks, combined with the convenience of the delivery service, make Kroger Boost a compelling option for frequent shoppers.

The Future of Grocery Shopping

As I continue to use Kroger Boost, I see this service becoming an integral part of my routine. The convenience and reliability it offers are hard to match, and the added benefits make it a cost-effective choice. I anticipate that as the service evolves, it will only improve, addressing minor issues and expanding its offerings to meet the changing needs of customers.

Conclusion: A Reliable and Convenient Service

After seven months and 30 delivered orders, I can confidently say that Kroger Boost has exceeded my expectations. The service has proven to be reliable, convenient, and valuable, with only minor issues that were easily resolved. For anyone considering a grocery delivery service, Kroger Boost is a strong contender, offering numerous benefits and a high level of satisfaction. As I continue to use the service, I look forward to seeing how it evolves and enhances my grocery shopping experience even further.


What is Kroger Boost? Kroger Boost is a subscription-based grocery delivery service offering unlimited free deliveries on orders over $35, along with other benefits like double fuel points and exclusive savings.

How reliable is Kroger Boost’s delivery service? In my experience, Kroger Boost has been very reliable, with only one minor incident where an order was delivered to a neighbor's house. Overall, the service has been consistent and timely.

How does Kroger handle out-of-stock items? When an item is out of stock, Kroger often provides an acceptable replacement. However, there are times when no suitable replacement is available. This happened in about half of my orders.

What are the benefits of subscribing to Kroger Boost? Subscribers receive unlimited free deliveries, double fuel points, and access to exclusive savings and promotions. These benefits add significant value to the subscription.

How does Kroger Boost compare to Instacart? While both services are reliable, I prefer Kroger Boost for its seamless integration with my shopping habits and better familiarity with their products. Additionally, Kroger Boost uses refrigerated trucks for delivery, ensuring that perishable items remain fresh.

Is it worth transitioning to exclusive delivery with Kroger Boost? Based on my experience, transitioning to exclusive delivery with Kroger Boost has been highly beneficial, saving time and providing convenience without compromising on quality.

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