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47:44 – The time it took to crush my best sales month in over a decade

Greg Powell interview

by greg powell

3 years ago

I’ve done well over a hundred podcast shows and was done with them (had a weekly podcast).

My name is Greg Powell, and I’ve been involved in Affiliate Marketing for the past 14 years. I started an Affiliate Management agency in April 2016. Since that time, I’ve deployed dozens of marketing campaigns to find new clients. Email, Drip Campaigns, Social Ads, Conferences, LinkedIn Premium, Forums, etc. You name it and I have tried it multiple times. However, I had abandoned podcast interviews. I’d even stopped listening to them myself. Do people still utilize these now? Are they now part of the antiquated ‘Web 2.0’ genre? I thought so.

A big part of our company growth has been referrals from non-competing eCommerce agencies. Since all we do is Affiliate Marketing there’s a no ‘threat’ introducing us a client that isn’t doing affiliate yet (or well). We don’t try and upsell them on SEO, Social, UX, etc. We also pay a commission for any new clients we sign from an introduction.

Another strategy that has worked well for us is emailing brands we feel are underutilizing their affiliate program. We have a good idea which brands are set up for affiliate success – and many times these companies just don’t have the bandwidth or relationships to capitalize on this channel. We set up a sequence of emails that try and show the missing revenue they could be generating having their program professionally managed.

Those two sales methods have brought us 90% of our clients. Our best sales month in company history has been acquiring 3 new clients in a single month. 

In August 2020, we brought on 6 new clients, and 5 of them came from a marketing method I’d abandoned several years ago. I’ll tell you what I did that was different. I did a podcast interview.

Now, I’d have never done the podcast if I hadn’t been asked by an industry friend. Not only was this person someone I really respected, but he also lived less than 70 miles from me. That is like a next-door neighbor in Internetville. So, I agreed to hop on and talk about Affiliate Marketing. I had zero expectations other than sharing some info and ideas on how to run an affiliate program. It never crossed my mind that I would ever get a new client from doing the podcast. I just wanted to do a solid for a friend of mine.

If you watch the podcast you’ll see I was a little sick that day. I didn’t even fix my hair before the call because I had no idea it was video + audio recording! Maybe it would have been a good idea to check out the show before I went on, right?

You can check the episode out here:

Brett is an awesome interviewer and made things flow so smoothly. Their editor was able to cut out all the sneezing and coughing I was doing because of an untimely allergy attack. I just talked casually and looking back I missed so many things I wish I’d covered. Again, I should have prepped a little more, you know, like 4 minutes.

Putting yourself out there as an expert is as good of an idea in 2020 as it was in 2008. Blogging and Podcasting are valuable outlets to share your message. I can assure you, the next time I am asked to do a Podcast I am saying YES.



Greg Powell is the founder and CEO of Tactical Marketing Co.  Tactical Marketing Co is an Affiliate Marketing & Management Agency that specializes in the travel, outdoor, active apparel, and subscription product verticals.


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